Sunday, May 18, 2008


We have had a spectacular long weekend thus far. Other than some rain/wind today, the weather has been gorgeous. Lowell and I have run, biked, walked, rollerbladed, skipped, played, went to the outdoor market, hung out with friends etc in the bright and beautiful sunshine.

We also ran a bunch of errands and added a new piece of technology to the ol' techy collection: a rockin awesome new camera! Much overdue if I do say so myself.

Lowell and I have thoroughly enjoyed snapping pictures then playing with them on the computer. Here's Edmonton et moi through the lens of our new camera (in no particular order)!


Bloggy Mama said...

You're so pretty, Julie.
Fun stuff.

Susan said...

You look great! I love the blue skirt. The pictures are awesome!

jill said...

Great pics! What kind of camera did you get? We need to see you guys before you go off for a year!

shareen said...

love the pictures...also interested in the details of the cam. and love the jellyfish skirt...coolio scmoolio.

Steve V said...

Cool pictures. I like that picture of the building with the fountain in the foreground. I actually thought it was barbed wire at first glance. What do you use to edit your pictures? Do you do this all on the mac. Is there anyway for you to communicate back to me through this comment? No. So forget it...i'll email instead.

Katie, Bakersfield, CA said...

Hi Julie!

I love your pics and also want to let u know that you are very preety and I love your skirt!

Take care,