Wednesday, January 30, 2008

'Till Death do us Part

Each G* sibling-in-law possesses plenty of quirkiness (some more than others *ahem Kylie*). Life is a whole lot more interesting with these in-laws (in order of acquisition) :

I think this picture pretty much sums her up. Fun, quirky, giggly, ridiculous, and beautiful. (Talented & intelligent aren’t really evident (& perhaps even contradicted;) in this picture, but they’re also key attributes!)


This handsome athlete possesses closet quirkiness. By that I mean that he comes across as all mature & professional at first, then WAM BAM BOOM, he’s flaunting women’s scarves, and revealing his witty self. I love his witty self!


I’m pretty sure y’all already know what I think about this guy. Just take every single good adjective that exists out there and wrap it in one big fun ball of Lowelliness! (And yes, there are several much goofier/nerdier pictures than this out there!)


Daniel will be an official in-law in August. He’s a funny dude and has quirks up the wazoo to boot! He’s also smart, athletic, attractive, talented, blah blah blah….

I think my parents should be pleased as punch... don't you?!

*I'm not allowed to post last names- just initials:)


Katie said...

Hello there J & L!

Those are goofy pictures and I love it when you post plenty of pics :)

Have fun and God bless!

Susan said...

What a great has inspired me to do my own sibling-in-law post. :)

Bloggy Mama said...

Looks like a great time to be had when all are together ;)

marcandorkylie said...

Although the pıcture ıs not my favourıte, I must say you saıd lovely thıngs about me! Well maybe not the quırkıness part but I dıd enjoy everythıng else. Love the pıcture of Dan, hee hee. Looks lıke a real wınner for Carlynne to marry. ;)

Shelley said...

WHAT A CRAZY BUNCH OF KIDS! Whoa...caps lock on. heh! might wanna tell Carlynne that Daniel could have a BIG problem with his thyroid.

Iodine, people, Iodine!