Friday, January 11, 2008

Celebrity Sighting

Guess who Lowell and I saw last night??????

This guy:

Oh, you can’t tell who I'm referring to? Let me zoom in for you (the dude in the black):

Oh, it's still unclear, huh? Well, let me give you an even better look:

It’s The Great One...number's....WAYNE GRETZKY!

Last night Lowell and I scored some free tickets to the Edmonton Oilers’ game, and they just happened to be playing against Phoenix (Wayne’s team- and I think being in the same building as him qualifies us to be on a first name basis). Lowell volunteered for Big Brothers Big & Sisters last year, and they were gracious enough to give us a pair of tickets. Our seats were literally the farthest back they could be, but you know what? It was great. $27 (free for us) tickets are better than no tickets at all!

Also, I’m pretty sure that Lowell and I are good-luck-charms for the Oilers. The last time we went to a game, they won by a ridiculous amount. This time, they also kicked some serious buttocks. They scored twice in the first 2 minutes and 15 seconds, and ended up winning 5-2. The Oilers haven’t been doing so hot this year, so that is why we are self-proclaimed good luck charms.

And guess who scored the first goal within the first minute??

My very own Ethan Moreau:

Ethan's the one in black. The 2 goofs on the other side of me are Bill & Ann-Marie. hee hee:)

Anyhoo, the important take-home message here is….I HAVE ANOTHER CELEBRITY CONNECTION (PS- I'm pretty lax in my definition of "connection")!!


Bloggy Mama said...

You are a real shmoozer, Julie. Look at all those celebritys you "know".

shareen said...

so you MET Wayne Gretzky? or you saw him from the cheap seats?

Still cool, but if that's the case then you have a lot more celebrity connections than just that...there's the whole Oilers and Coyote teams!

Lowell & Julie said...

Oh trust me you would KNOW if I would've met him face to face!

Next time I'll mosey directly to the Coyote's bench and personally introduce myself. I'm sure he has nothing better to do!