Sunday, January 27, 2008

Movie Madness!

Despite Lowell and my constant busyness of daily life...

Me at work with my preschoolers:

Lowell studying away (and I'm pretty sure he also looks like this at work!) :

Last week Saturday night spent in this:

Last week SunDAY spent doing this:
(PS- I was totally vital to the process, but there's just not a picture to prove it. Honest.)

...we have managed to watch- and thoroughly enjoy- THREE movies in the past week and a halfish. They include:


Loved it.

Loved it.

Bridge to Terabithia
Liked it a lot.

And that's our movie review for the month!


Shelley said...

I saw Enchanted as well. I loved it! i wanna see Juno once i have some time. The third movie i haven't heard of so i'll need to investigate that. I'm sorry about your car :(

shareen said...

I heard about you guys fixing your own car and I am very proud. That's very ingenious of you. And I can't believe you're ahead of me on movie watching! I haven't seen Juno or Enchanted (although I desperately want to see both) but we did watch Bridge to Teribithia. Did you read the book? I had read it and I didn't tell Craig about the end and he was a little miffed at me. :)

Mr. Hay said...

Janelle and I loved the book "Bridge to Terabithia", but I think we were just a little disappointed with the movie. We liked it though. We haven't seen the other two yet...

I still feel bad that your car broke on the way home from my house. Glad to hear that it is healthy again though.

Angella said...

Juno was AWESOME!

Sorry I have not been by!

*bad friend*

PS - I love the butt shots in the tub ;)

Melinda said...

enchanted was amazing!
i wish my life were a musical like that part in central park!

and juno is on my list.