Saturday, January 12, 2008

Oilers Frenzy

I’m not going to deny that I’m a tooootal schmoozer. Today Lowell and I moseyed over to West Edmonton Mall so we could get in on some more Oilers action. Wayne wasn't there, but there were 11 booths set up throughout the mall with 2-3 players signing autographs at each booth. We thought we were waiting in Ethan Moreau's line (b/c as I mentioned earlier, we’re buds… in my mind), but were told when it was too late that we weren’t in his line at all. It was all good though, we got Penner and Sanderson’s autographs on Lowell’s Oilers hat, and the white shirt that I purchased about 7 minutes prior to meeting them. I'm planning on putting an Oilers iron-on transfer on the front of the shirt. Brilliant hey? Anyhoo, since all the other line-ups were so long that they wrapped around the entire mall, we just went right up to all the other booths without waiting in line and got some pictures. I feel almost famous. SOOoooooooo many many connections.

Extra points if you can pick out the Oiler!

Getting Geoff Sanderson's autograph.

Their hats drove us bananas because they made it so hard to get a clear shot of their faces!

Now he's looking up. That's Dustin Penner handing Lowell back his autographed hat in such a dainty manner!

Check out the ridiculous line-ups of people!

I KNOW you know who this guy (above) is!!

Rolie Goalie!

The End


Bloggy Mama said...

You're hilarious... and I love you all the same ;)

shareen said...

oh funny. you've gotta show the shirt when it's done.

Susan said...

That is awesome! Darcen and I were thinking about going but anticipated the crazy lineups. But after seeing your pictures, I kinda wish we would've went! :)

P.S. Yes, we are still in Edmonton and got your Christmas mail! :) Thank you so much!