Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cold Equation

Add this up:

1 boot (of mine) :

1 juice box :

1 set of energetic three year old male twins


Very cold & sticky boots.

Last week while I was on a home visit (for work), a student's Mom (Helen) got me a juice box which I did not finish (big boo boo). When I was readying myself for the cold COLD outdoors, I noticed that the juice box was in my boot. Aw, how cute. The little gaffers wanted me to take the rest of my juice box home. Very cute... until I took the box out and noticed a boot full of JUICE!

"Uh, can I borrow your sink so I can dump my boot out?"

I dried my boot out as much as possible, then headed out to my car which currently refuses to emit any heat. Brrrr.

*** Helen, don't feel bad at all. I really do think it's just funny. A little frost bite never killed anyone :) ***


Anonymous said...

hey i just had a preschooler fling his juice box into the garbage from across the room and splatter all over my brand new white winter coat. what was i thinking??

kendra dean

Bloggy Mama said...

That reminds me of the time that I dropped a 2L jug of oil in my apartment elevator and it shattered all over. Sweet cleanup, there!!

Anonymous said...

And you still want twins????
I guess you should make sure to wrap your boots in baggies when you take them off to make the clean up easier....