Sunday, October 07, 2007

Like Daughter... Like Father

You recall that we invested in rather excessive ear protectors due to the ridiculous noise pollution produced by our (beloved) blender.

When I came home (to Lethbridge) for the weekend, I had no such luxury when using the coffee grinder that is both extremely loud and screechy. I’m still all about protecting my ears (as is Father dear), so this is how Dad and I did it:

Obviously not the most convenient method.

This morning when I went to use the coffee grinder, I discovered this:

Close up of the coffee corner:

So now, we can happily grind our coffee like this:

Good job parentals!

Join us won't you? …hop aboard the hearing protection wagon!


Duane Clemens said...

Too funny. Good to see your family isn't ashamed of being goofy!


shareen said...

you guys make me smile...wish we could have been there. :)

Alisha said...

Very classy! Glad to see that ear protection is such a family affair!

Liane said...

I love how casual and non-posed you always look in your blog photos!!

shareen said...

Mum told me I should be getting myself some protection for work with all the grinders and steaming action/noise...we'll see what we can drum up.

(PS - I think you'll like the new LeAnne Rimes cd - random comment, I know)