Thursday, October 11, 2007

Haunted House?

Last weekend was a whirlwind weekend. On Thursday night,
Lowell and I headed to his family farm, then Friday morning made the
rest of the jaunt to Lethbridge. Whenever I go home (to my parents'
place), I love touring around the whole house to see if there's
anything new/rearranged. For a while there, the house was still being
built/finished, so things were always changing and it was exciting.

I was doing my regular tour downstairs when I noticed that one of the
room doors was closed. When people stay here, they often stay in that
room, but I wasn't aware of any guests. I decided to take the plunge
and squeak open the door.

As soon as I peaked inside, my stomach dropped to my toes, my heart
rate increased, the blood rushed from my head, and my fight or flight
mechanism kicked in. There was a man just standing there in the dark
room staring at me. I actually shook.

Then I saw who it was:

It was the life size cut-out of my brother. The one we used for the wedding.

Marc, you got me! And you weren't even here to witness it!!!!

Apparently I wasn't the first person to get the bejeebies scared out of me, and I also haven't been the last!


Susan said...

That's so funny...I am sure the same thing would have happened to me because I am so easily scared. :)

marcandorkylie said...

Marc can be quite scary at times. I agree! We are excited to come home and see life size cut outs of ourselves. Carlynne is off and will be home soon! As I write this I believe she is walking around London either looking for an H and M or a place to get her hair blow dryed. Wow what news! Kylie