Friday, October 12, 2007

First Quarter Century

Today is Carlynne and my 25th birthday. Let's make a trip down memory lane and take a gander at these pictures from the last quarter century.


I stopped taking breast milk as efficiently as Carlynne, so I became uber thin: I started getting extra bottles, and WHOOPS. I got fat:

Then we just got cute (in my humble opinion)

Yep... still cute:

The preschool yearS (we didn't fail preschool, but we sure did take it twice) :

Now onto kindergarten:

Bit by the 80s bug:

First day of grade one (still the 80s as noted by the acid wash jeans which, by the way, were a dream come true) :

Ohmigoodness, suddenly the 90s happened:

Here's us in grade 2 sporting our HOMEMADE sweat suits (homemade by US) :

(If only those still fit us now)

Jumping ahead a few years.... here's us in grade 7. Things are getting pretty awkward, and it only gets worse from here:

Grade 8: still pretty dang awkward:

I'm pretty sure this is grade 10...or perhaps 11? :

Fresh out of grade 12, fooling around while we were supposed to be decorating for Marc & Kylie's wedding:

Our 21st birthday party was a TWIN PARTY. Everyone came as twins...including Carlynne and I of course:

This picture is the final paper route picture that was sent with a homemade flyer to everyone on our route. It was our second year of University, and we were bidding farewell to the 10-year morning routine (and what a sad year it was) :

(Our faithful companion Tessie is with us!)

Also, the second year of University featured the release of our debut album: A G- Twin Christmas.

After 4th year of University was Yolanda's wedding. Here we are:

And here's the most recent picture of us after year 6 of University at the ripe age of 24.

Happy Birthday Carlynne (and me:). Here's to another quarter century of (hopefully less awkward) pictures!

PS- Carlynne IS home from Kenya!!


Zab said...

Have a blessed Birthday guys! No smiley face roses with a ring....but all the same..a smiley face =).HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Bloggy Mama said...

Happy happy Birthday!!

Angella said...


LOVE the retro photos :)

Duane Clemens said...

Hey Julie,

Hope you have a happy birthday!


Duane & Karyn said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry I forgot to send a birthday wish on time!! If only you had Facebook...then it would have reminded me ;) Hope you had a fantabulous day and that Lowell spoiled you rotten!!


Susan said...

Happy birthday! :) I love your pictures!

~allison d.~ said...

Wow, that was quite the journey you two took from babydom to quarter-life! How's being 25?? I get to find out tomorrow!! EEK!!! Well let's just say you two definitely came into your own. :) All the best for a wonderful 25th year! Keep up the blogging!

Janice Vandyk said...

Hey Happy Birthday to both of you!!