Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beautiful Deformity – Dimples

We learned in embryology that dimples are actually a deformity. Well, I think it’s a beautiful deformity. I looooooove dimples. Especially the super duper deep ones.When I meet someone with dimples, I automatically like them without even knowing them.

Let's just take a look-see at this beautifully dimpled family (that I shamelessly and slightly creepily stole from Christy's blog) :

EVERY ONE of them has dimples. How beautiful. How unfair!

The main reason I wish I had dimples is (besides being cute), they’re the perfect thing to utilize when ‘greeting’ an unknown passerby or an ‘awkard acquaintance’ (you know the type. You’ve MET them and you know who they are but you worry they forgot you etc). Right now I do this:

I’m well aware that it looks more than slightly retarded. It's asymmetrical, it looks... err... awkward... it's uncool.

If I had dimples, I could just flash them my dimples. Press my lips together lightly and VOILA I’d have beautiful dimples that do the greeting for me.

*sigh*. In a perfect world…


shareen said...

I hope you brought up the story about how you forcibly deformed my face in a vengeful game of blue-black-baloney to prove there is another side to the dimple story.

Lowell & Julie said...

Yes I did, Shareen, and you should count yourself LUCKY that I gave you a permanent dimple with my face. Perhaps we should have another round of blue-black-baloney so you can return the favour for me! How does Christmas blue-black-baloney sound?

Becky said...

They really do have amazing dimples, don't they. My cousin Ian, who is about 3 years older than Christy, once said when Christy was a baby "MOM, Christy has HOLES in her cheeks!!!" and was all scared.
Unfortunately, I did not inherit them either. And I do the same, constipated half smile, too.

Anonymous said...

So. Did you find out about other sorts of dimples? I lack the lovely dimples in my cheeks, but I have a nice sized one in my chin. I got it from my grandpa!

Melinda said...

ok well, stealing the picture of the random family might be creepy, but it's a great example of how adorable dimples are.


Lowell & Julie said...

Alisha- I also love the chin dimple. Are you able to flash a chin dimple smile to passer-byers?

Melinda- They're not a random family. Really! It's Christy's family! But even though I know them, I still found it a little creepy that I pulled a picture of her entire family from her blog and put it on mine:)

Deanna said...

Lowell...where did you find that Dwight bobble head? I've been looking for some Office paraphenalia for my sister's birthday so any help would be awesome!