Friday, October 26, 2007

Feeding the Addiction

As I’ve mentioned before, I (we) loooooooove The Office. Feeding my addiction to The Office, Lowell got me several wonderful collectables for my birthday. Among them was my personal favourite: a Dwight bobble head!!

The characters of The Office are simply fantastic and I love them all. I particularly love this new little development with Jim and Pam. It actually gives me shivers.

I heard a little while ago that Pam (in real life) and her husband (in real life) were splitting up.

This really sucks and is really horrible, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone... but I can’t help but secretly wish that Pam and Jim get together in real life. *sigh*


Avery said...

They switched the time slot for the Office last night! Did you manage to stay up until 10pm to watch it? I'm dissapointed that they're down to 1/2 an hour now!

Janice Vandyk said...


Susan said...

I love the office too, and can totally relate to your feelings about Jim and Pam. :)