Sunday, September 30, 2007

Stuff...a lot of stuff.

Yesterday Lowell and I took advantage of "Bay Days" and bought the goods on our wedding registry that we hadn't yet received (using the generous amounts of gift cards we received).

We bought a few things:

Oh, and don't forget to look in the trunk!

80% of the trunk is towels, but still...impressive non?

We got a lot of household items that make living and organizing a lot more pleasurable. For example, we bought a utensil divider (we splurged $2.99 at Ikea for this one).

Utensil drawer before:

Utensil drawer after:

While we are thrilled with all of our purchases, I have two favourites. First one: An ironing board that is both an ironing board (obviously) :

..and a step ladder! Brilliant. Who woulda thunk... :

Well, I'm not actually doing anything with the light. I'm only pretending. Lowell, however, was doing something:

SO handy!

And now for my number one favourite purchase of the day:

These ear protectors function as an accessory to our blender:

Our blender is LOUD with a capital L-O-U-D. Wouldn't want to damage my hearing, so these muffs come in right handy! They're also very easily accessible as they're hanging on a wall in the kitchen. In sight, in mind right?

Moral of the story: PROTECT YOUR HEARING (Oh, and go to The Bay. They have smokin deals during Bay Days)!


Avery said...

Only you Julie, the SLP, would think of using noise canceling headphones to work a blender. I guess you need it for all of those smoothies that you make!

shareen said...

Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? I sing in the shower...occasionally I spend too much time volunteering...sometimes I'll hit somebody with my car. So sue me.

shareen said...

oh, and very cool ladder/ironing board.

next challenge: wear the ear protectors while blow-drying your hair.

Lowell & Julie said...

I thought about that (ear protectors while blow drying hair), but it would seriously limit my ability to achieve volume. Not that I really truly achieve that anyway.


Shelley said...

"the office" is only the BEST show on earth!!! We had a huge office party to watch the premiere. Packed about 20 people into our living room.

Now i'm thinking if the blender is that loud that it'll make you go deaf, wouldn't it be better to invest in a quiet blender?

You make me wish i had a gift registry at the Bay.

shareen said...

wow, I just looked at my blog and said to myself, "holy crap! 13 comments?! I only had 9 earlier today...and I think 13 may be a record for me..." What a busy busy day.

shareen said... much time do you have on your hands? hope-getter-upper.