Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's been one of those days...

At around 6:30pm, Lowell and I went for a walk in the river valley. While crossing the river, we noticed flashing lights on the other side. We looked below (as we were crossing the bridge), and tons of cops/paramedics etc were hovering over a body and covering it up. Suicide? Murder? Accident? Who knows, but it was eerie. The little detective in me is just itching for the details.

About 20 minutes after Lowell and I got back, we noticed flashing lights outside our windows. something happened DIRECTLY outside our condo! There were several emergency vehicles, police tape was out, and the police were scouring the bushes with flashlights. It's been a couple hours, and they're still there.


Apparently Edmonton is just living up to it's title of "Homicide Capital of Canada". Now if that doesn't make one proud...

PS- I still love Edmonton. It's pretty. Just stay out of the sketchy parts of town.

**edited to add:
It's morning and there is still a cop car and police tape. Here's the rumour:

Death being treated as "suspicious."

Thu, 2007-09-27 05:50.
Ron Clark

City police investigating after the body of a man was found, burning, last night, on the northside of the river. They're not sure at this point if the man was set on fire by someone else, or if it happened accidentally. Police say it appeared some homeless people had set up camp in the area. The medical Examiner will try to determine today, if the man was dead or alive, when he caught fire.


Susan said...

Creepy...I know, this town has some issues.

But I'm with ya, I still love this city too. :)

Zab said... it was a guy...who was burning..dead..they werent sure if it was murder or suicide/arson.....keep watchful eyes Julie!But great area none the less.

Susan said...

Weird! I just had to check back to your blog to see if there was an update...he was on fire??!? How bizarre!

Lowell & Julie said...

Yes, bizarre. I got to come home for lunch today, and there are 2 cop cars there...STILL! I think they're basically guarding the area so no one destroys any evidence.

Shelley said...

wow, that's kinda freaky!
*note to self: don't move to edmonton*