Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yes we are Dutch.

Well, I’m Dutch. Half Dutch. So Lowell is Dutch by association.

Today while Lowell and I were grocery shopping, we couldn’t bring ourselves to pay ridiculous amounts of cash per pound for red peppers. But we really wanted the red peppers. So, we did what any wise Dutchman would do...we decapitated them. We pulled off the green stem tops so the peppers would weigh less. Genius non? Well, actually, no. The only difference that it made was that we left the store with topless peppers.

Only use this technique if you are buying 500 red peppers at a time. Turns out that the stems don't weigh anything.

Topless Peppers.


Duane & Karyn said...

I would never even THINK of pulling the stems off...I actually laughed! Too funny. I hope you enjoy your topless peppers!


Tracy said...

Oh well, one less thing to do when you cut them up at home! Haha Good story :-)

Duane Clemens said...

It's funny that you blogged about this...Here's a true story:

When I go to the grocery store to purchase broccoli (which is infrequent), I get the bulk broccoli, unwrap them, and tear of 90% of the stalk so all I have is the flower...

Julie, I'm dutch too. Some people call it cheap, I call it money conscious! Good for you and Lowell!


Elizabeth said...

That's a good plan, too bad the stems aren't really heavy!

Melinda said...

good effort, team.