Sunday, June 22, 2008

It’s the end of an EARa!

I mean that very literally and also just a regular amount of literally.

The very literal reason is this:
When I was at the dentist a couple of weeks ago, the hygienist asked me to take out the earring at the top of my ear for the X-ray. “No problem!” I said. “I’ll just shove it in my jeans pocket here temporarily.”

The following week, I put my hand in my jacket pocket, and there was a lone stud. ‘Why the heck is there one earring in here?’ I thought. ‘Oooooh right. Carlynne wore this jacket. It must be hers.’

A couple days after that, I put my hand in my jeans pocket, and pulled out a (different) lone stud. “What the heck?” I thought. “Another one?” I didn’t even try to think of a logical explanation because it seemed so ridiculous, so I tossed it.

Last Friday as I was putting headphones on, I noticed no pain. Normally, I have to navigate the earpiece gently around the earring because it’s quite tender when pushed. And THAT’s when I realized that I tossed the earring that belongs in my ear. Too late... the hole was completely grown in! So that, folks, is the very literal end of an eara (by the way, pun obviously completely intended, and also SO funny and not at all lame!!!)

And PS Carlynne, I have an earring of yours.

Now for the regular amount of literal explanation.

The countdown is on. This is our last week of married life in Edmonton as we know it. Friday is my last day of work, and Monday (June 30th) we’re Uhaulin-it to Lethbridge. After shoving our stuff in storage at my parents place, we will return to Edmonton to live with Carlynne until her wedding. After her August nuptials, we’ll go back to Lethbridge to live with my parents until our plane whisks us off to the faraway land of New Zealand on August 19th.

This weekend was spent packing up our place, and writing reports (for work). I’m actually really enjoying the packing (and I secretly don’t mind the report-writing either). I’ve been ruthlessly going through everything and organizing it like crazy so when we return to Alberta at the end of our yearish long adventure, it will be easy peasy to unpack. I’ve been keeping things clean as I go, and it’s really very satisfying!

We’re super sad to be leaving our beautiful condo:

With our beautiful view:

But we’re excited to live here:

With this cool dudette (wearing my Mom's shades from the 80s) :

Did I mention that neither of Carlynne and I will have work or school, and Lowell will have both? Poor guy…

So to sum up my current feelings: excited, nervous, happy, sad, delighted, scared...and a leeettle overwhelmed!


Bloggy Mama said...

Oh boy...
I did the same thing, too, pulling out my top-hole earring for a soccer game. They grow over way fast, eh?
Happy travels, guys!

Tracy said...

It all sounds so thrilling!!! And I know all of your readers can't wait to read about your adventures!! :-)

Christi said...

Julie, As a person also packing and organizing our house (we are moving your way, not the NZ way but that would be exciting) I can't believe you are enjoying it!! I wish I felt the same way. Well continue to have fun and good luck in NZ

Shelley said...

i, too, once had a ring on the top of my ear. it was snagged on something during a ringette (yes, i'm an ex-ringette player)game (don't ask how, cause i have NO idea) and tore my ear a little. There was blood. It hurt. No more earring:(