Friday, March 07, 2008


I’m generally not a fan of war, but truth be told, there is one type of war that I like—and even prefer. That is, the GAS WAR.

In 2003, there were some pretty intense gas wars in Lethbridge. Every Sundayish the prices at the pump would PLUMMET. The prices got as low as 19 cents per litre. Carlynne and I filled up our trusty Volvo for 5 bucks!

I just heard on the news that by the end of May, gas is supposed to reach $1.50 per litre. Say what now?!? That’s ridonkulous!

I remember in High School when our social teacher told us the rumour that gas was supposed to reach a ghastly 80 cents per litre. She questioned us about whether we would continue driving if gas prices soared so high. The majority of our class waved our arms in outrage and declared that if gas prices reached that high, we would definitely give up our vehicular luxuries in favour of feet & bikes.

*sigh* I miss the 19 cents/litre, but I would be more than willing to settle for that 80 cent deal!!


Susan said...

I remember the gas war too...I was filling up every chance I got. Sigh...the old days. :)

Katie said...


Here in California the gas price is at $3.47/gal. I think I will come to Canada and fill up my tank for $1.50/litre.

Have a blessed day!

Lowell Taylor said...


I do not think you actually want to come to Canada to buy gas.

1 Gallon is 3.79 Liters.

That means if the price goes up to $1.50/litre then it would be like paying $5.68/gal. Crazy hey?

Right now our gas in Edmonton is around $1.08/litre and our dollar is just under the US dollar. That means right now we are still paying around $4.10/Gal.

Enjoy your cheap gas and warm weather. Stay in California! *smirk*

- Lowell

marcandorkylie said...

We were wondering about what the price of gas would be when we come back. OUCH! We are not looking forward to paying that. Why oh why did we buy a 4 Runner?

Lowell & Julie said...

M&K, I'm pretty sure you guys are up for a bit of a rude awakening when you come back to Canada- as far as the gas AND fashion. It is not unlike the outfits you saw on mannequins in Belgium... at least here in the big city!

Susan said...

Hey guys...Lowell, thanks for the message! Fortunately, everything got sorted out and Zab is still subbing for me tomorrow. :)