Sunday, March 16, 2008

Guess who's coming home??


Mom & Dad are picking them up tomorrow (Monday), and on Friday Lowell and I will head down to Lethbridge to meet them. We haven't seen them in over a year as they have been traipsing around Kenya and various other parts of the world- and we are SO SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!!

Canada will really benefit from the presence of this...


ADVENTUROUS (and again very attractive), and

Adventurous because they traveled everywhere for over a year, and...

because they really are crazy! :

FUN couple:

(Fun people often where dog leashes on their heads)



Bloggy Mama said...

Wishing you a happy reunion!!

marcandorkylie said...

YEAH!!! We get to see you on Friday. We are super excited to see all of you. Especially you as a married woman. I think you will look different. Have a certain glow about you. See you on FRIDAY!!!

Shelley said...

Soooo awesome to have them back!!~

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are looking forward to going to Calgary today to collect these two hooligans!
Mum & Dad :)

Anonymous said...

I am jealous! That's marvellous that they are coming home! I feel like I want to be there - I was there when they left, so I want to say hi when they arrive! I hope you have a fabulous Easter!