Saturday, March 22, 2008

Eggzellent Reunion!

The happy reunion with Marc & Kylie took place last night, and what a joyous occasion it was! We sat around and talked for a while, then had supper (whilst we chatted of course), then did what most all-adult families do when they see each other for the first time in a long while... we decorated Easter eggs! Shareen, Craig, Carlynne, and Dan couldn't be here this weekend (sadly), but Mom, Dad, Marc, Kylie, Lowell and I managed to have plenty of fun anyhoo (although we still missed you guys of course!)

MMmmm.... we're excited about our delicious Mexican Pasta Bake!!

1. We began with a dozen blueish colour eggs from the vents of Grandma D's chickens (thanks Grandma!).

2. We then coloured them with vibrant crayons:

This was apparently a very thrilling activity for Kylie!

I tried to force Marc to look all enthusiastic like Kylie, and this is what I got:

Later I snuck up on him with the camera when he was actually having some (natural) awesome artistic fun:

3. Dipped them in radiant dye:

4. Let them dry on a rack:

5. Searched for glass vases to display them:

6. Delicately placed them in each vase...

Until we found the perfect vase:

When we're gone or sleeping, we'll put them in the fridge so we can have non-poisonous EASTER EGG SALAD SANDWICHES with them later. I love decorating eggs. And I love egg salad sandawichies. Timmy's got nothin on my Mommy's egg salad sandwiches!


marcandorkylie said...

We are so eggcited to be home! I am eggstremely glad that after finding all the eggstraneous vases we decided on the eggzact one that fit all the eggs. Well, time to get crackin!


Lowell & Julie said...

Wow Kylie, after struggling to come up with responses to Lowell's nonstop puns, I am very impressed!!


Carlynne said...

Looks like a great time. Miss you guys. Studying subspecialty surgery is a poor substitute for playing with crayons!

Bloggy Mama said...


Karyn Clemens said...

I am rather surprised that:

a. Someone else has the exact(or eggsact?) serving dishes my mom has! (White with blue flowers in picture 1 and the yellow dye bowl in picture 8!) Hello 70's!!

b. Someone else's (all adult) family gets as excited as my (all adult) family to decorate Easter eggs! :)

c. You then make yummy egg salad does my family!

d. You were posting a blog at 5:45 AM...WHY????

What fun!!


Anonymous said...

I love that other people stand on the counters too. I always have to climb up onto counters to reach stuff. It's what keeps me young and spry!

Lowell & Julie said...

Karyn- I'm with you on the ridiculous hour of the post. Unfortunately, I'm still suffering from the "paper route curse". Clyn and I had the papers out before 7am every day for 10 years. My brain still hasn't recovered. I usually wake up at a retarded hour, do things for a couple of hours then go back to bed. Unfortunately, I can't go back to bed on weekdays b/c I work, but I seem to have the system worked out. I do my best work at 5am:)

Karyn Clemens said...

Haahaa...I did the paper route thing for 10 years as well, but I sure got over the early mornings pretty quickly :) Mind you, the only day I had to have them out by 7AM was on Saturdays..the other days had to be done by 5:30pm, so I did them after school :)


shareen said...

I do wish we could have been there to make giddy faces and join the fun (I love the picture of Dad - he looks so enthralled), but instead we had to content ourselves with sleeping in, walking around downtown San Francisco, riding the cable cars, doing copious amounts of shopping, eating dinner at the most incredible Italian restaurant on the planet and laughing with the host while waiting for our table - desperately trying to remember every single word I know in Italian.

marcandorkylie said...

I know I could tell you this in person but you are in bed right now (and it is past 8 am!! Is the world coming to an end??) but Marc actually came up with all of the eggcellent terms in my comment. So no worries I didn't all of a sudden learn to eggspress myself in egg terms. Oh this is so fun.

shareen said...

I would like to eggspess that you are eggall eggare eggcrazy.