Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We are a Volvo family.

Our family has owned 3 Volvos.

This is our first Volvo. This bad boy took our family of 6 everywhere. There were 2 little seats that popped up in the back (facing the back), and that is where Carlynne and my little bums got planted for family road trips with the Volv.

This Volvo underwent a metamorphosis. Still chocolate brown on the inside- now a fiery turquoise on the outside. Eventually Marc inherited it (well, purchased it for a dollah) and it became “The Cool Mobile”. Batman decal, giant sub in the back, etc etc.

I really thought I was a lot older when this metamorphosis took place. Hmmm… I guess not.

Next was this one. I don't entirely remember it though, as it was short-lived in our family. I'm pretty sure my parents regretted selling it for sure! Once a Volvo family, always a Volvo family I guess.

The latest addition to our Volvo family was this one:

I think I was only in grade 5 or so when we acquired this vehicular apparatus. It was my Mom’s main vehicle, then when Carlynne and I hit year 2 of University, we bought it from our parents (for a big whopping buck). It has been through SO much. When Carlynne left for med school, she took it with her, so the Volv and I were separated for a whole year *sniff sniff*. Then, I joined Carlynne in Edmonton the following year, so it once again became OUR car. Then, last summer, Lowell and I got married, and the Volvo again became Carlynne’s… and it’s still kickin! Last year, Daniel was driving it (for like the first and only time), and he noticed that the odometer just rolled over to 300,000 kms! He just happened to have his camera with him, so he pulled over, and took a picture…

Carlynne’s Volvo is the only remaining survivor. It’s a trusty little vehicle, but it very likely on its last legs (oo, it pains me to say that!)


Bloggy Mama said...

They are good cars. That's a fun post.

Anonymous said...

Actually Julie, our first Volvo was the 1978 2 door 242DL model in the middle picture. It was ok when Marc was a baby, but after Shareen... and then you guys came along, it was too small and so we got the 1982 245DL wagon. The last was a 1981 244GL which we got with lots of miles on it, some rust, and leprosy of the paint job.
Fun post. One can tell you don't have to study much anymore.
Love, Dad.

Lowell & Julie said...

Hehe, funny story, Dad. My original post was RIGHT! But when I was reading through it right after it was posted, I noticed that I was way younger in the picture with the chocolate brown Volvo. I looked old in the picture with the off-white Volvo, and since I don't remember it being around long, I assumed that my story was wrong. I frantically edited the post and switched things around. Oops! Thanks for the corrections Poppio:)