Saturday, February 16, 2008

Love is in the air!

On Valentine's Day, Lowell had a little something something up his sleeve for me. He asked me to be at his place of work by 4pm to pick him up so we could arrive at place #1 by 4:30pm.

Just in the nick of time, we arrived at CTV news studio:

Yes...seemingly very random and odd for a Valentine's Day stop. Lowell ran up these stairs and into the building while I waited in the car, and that's when I noticed it...

THE EZ ROCK 104.9fm SIGN (you have to look super close in this picture)! I presumed that Lowell had gone and won us something off the radio... and my presumption was correct! Lowell came back in the car flashing a $75 gift card for a spa (for ME!), as well as 4 tickets to the Alberta Ballet thrown in because he's a member of the loyal listener club. More on that to come...

Stop #2 was at the Cheesecake Cafe for some din din. Lowell knows me well enough to know that you don't plan much of an evening for me without involving food- so we arrived at our food destination before 5pm to beat the V-day rush. We had ourselves some delicious meals, then inhaled some decadent mocha mud pie (my favourite!) We didn't leave any evidence that there was ever a mud pie in the dish.

Stop #3 was at the movie theatre where we watched definitely, maybe. It was cute. A perfect & relaxing thing to do on a weeknight!

Now fast forward to the next day (Friday). At 7:30pm we met our friends Carla & Graham at the Jubilee in anticipation of Alberta Ballet's production of Dangerous Liaison. We sat front, floor, and centre. CRAZY!

We had no clue what to expect. I didn't know if there would be music or talking or silence and I assumed that the girls would be wearing pink head to toe with giant tutus, and the guys would be wearing something very similar (minus the tutus). Turns out that this story is a lot less G rated than that! I've never seen so much underwear flying around on stage! But we really enjoyed it (not the underwear- the show). I kept forgetting to listen to the story that was being told between bouts of music because I was so fascinated with the way those people were able to move their bodies. They made it look so easy while I was sure that something must've been coming out of a socket that shouldn't have been. Definitely a very cultured experience that I'm thrilled to have under my belt.

You've done it again Lowell. Thanks for a great Valentine celebration!


Bloggy Mama said...

Sounds like fun. Susannah and I went to watch the BC Ballet when she was just teensy. It was pretty sweet. I used to be a dancer, when I was younger, so I was dreaming of seeing her in a little tut, practising her pliƩs... sigh

~allison d.~ said...

you definitely found a winner in Lowell! HAHA! Get it? Winner!? Awesome! That was totally an unintentional pun!

Sorry I haven't updated my blog with any tales that are remotely as exciting as yours. Ah well. :) Hope all is well!

Susan said...

Nice! My sister and I are going to that ballet tonight! :) Good to hear that you liked it!

marcandorkylie said...

Hey Julie, sounds like a great surprise. Were you sitting close enough to the stage to get hit with anyone´s codpiece? If so I´m sure you kept it for your collection.

~allison d.~ said...

Hey Julie! So I've got a random story for you. I work at a yoga studio and a girl came in today and asked to do a drop-in class. I asked her if she had been before, and she said yes, so I asked her what her last name was, and she said "Greidanus." SO, thinking there weren't many Greidanus's in this city (and also kinda wondering how I was going to explain that I know you but don't -- only blog-ally) I asked whether she knew you. She said that she did and that you were distant cousins! I believe her name is Margriet. Anyway, so if you felt your ears burning around noon today, then that's because two people who kinda-sorta-know-you-but-not were talking about 'ya! :)

Weird, huh?

Lowell & Julie said...

That's awesome Allison! When Margriet was working at the Lethbridge hospital, EVERYONE asked if she was my Dad's daughter (b/c he also works at the hospital). She stopped explaining the distant relationship and simply said he was her uncle (or perhaps even nodded along when they suggested that she was his daughter!)

She was in a blog post I did a while ago (Mother's Day last year) about the triathlon we did together.

What a small world! I was wondering why my ears were burning today:)