Wednesday, February 06, 2008

He's Alive!!

I love murder mysteries (as long as they end happy- minus the fact that someone always dies). Murder She Wrote is a gem, but nothing compares to Matlock- the true diamond in the rough.

I have a (healthy) obsession with Matlock. I remember watching it on Sunday afternoons growing up until Jr High/High Schoolish. I hadn’t realized how much I missed it until Lowell and I discovered it while we were flipping channels in Hawaii. Since we’ve returned to Canadian soil, we found out when it’s on here, and record it every day so we can watch it (sans commercials) at our convenience. I LOVE Matlock…and Michelle…and Conrad and Leann and Julie….the whole gang!

Anyhoo, now for the point of this post. I could swear that several years ago I read an article about Matlock’s (Andy Griffith's) passing. I’ve been mourning his death for years. A few weeks ago, Lowell insisted that we double check this “factoid” (because he didn’t believe it), and guess what? HE’S STILL ALIVE! I’ve never been so happy to be wrong in my whole life.

I would LOVE to meet this man. He has a sense of humour like no other, and has rekindled my love for hot dogs. He’s just a hot dog lovin funny FUNNY man. Would it be kosher to adopt this man as my Grandpa?!?


Bloggy Mama said...

I've never seen Matlock before... I'll have to try and check it out.

Janice Vandyk said...

I loved Matlock too!! we always wathced it! it was for sure a good show!

~kevan~ said...

I also thought he was dead!

shareen said...

you'll have to watch the movie that recently came out called "the waitress" - quirky, but good - he's in it, and I love him