Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pigeon Brigade

Recently there was a sign put up in our elevators. Here, why don't you just read it for yourselves:

Meant to be serious, but humorous nonetheless, non?

Shortly after the debut of that sign, the following sign was displayed in one of the elevators:

Others actually signed up before it was taken down. Whether or not they were real names I'll never know...

Shortly after that, there was a recipe for pigeon soup posted in the other elevator.

Apparently Lowell and I aren't the only little jokesters in the building (which is kind of surprising because I'm pretty sure that the average age of tenants here is 60). Lowell and my innocent fun consisted of moving the vase of flowers on our floor from side to side (on the table) every couple of days. Just to see if anyone even noticed (and maybe to play with their minds a little bit). Oooo we thought we were soooo clever.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't sign up for the pellet gun brigade - I would have. Nice to know that people retain their sense of humour after 60!

Bloggy Mama said...


shareen said...

flowers? that's the best you can do? you know you can really push the envelope....

Katie said...

Hi Julie and Lowell!

Instead of the pellet gun brigade, you would have a "Pick up the pigeon poop and collect eggs brigade"!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that would NOT be a fun thing to do! and as for the flowers, that was clever :)

See ya!!!