Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How low can you go?

*edited to add: Sara just sent me these pictures. Documentation complete!! Thanx Sara. You're a real doll :)

My family has enviable limbo skills. I don't know what it is, but we're all really good at it. Especially me. (kidding- kind of).

The most recent occasion that my limbo skills were put to the test was at Carlynne and Dan's engagement party. At this party, Dan proved that he truly belonged in our family as he and I were the final 2. (In Carlynne's defense, she likely would've been up there too, but she had the unfair disadvantage of joining us late in the game).

Sorry Daniel. Carlynne looks none too impressed! :)

Dan and my success inspired the birth of a scientific study in which Dan represents all men in the world, and I represent all women in the world. (Doesn't lack validity at all!)

Each year, Dan and I plan to have a limbo contest. We will use our relative successes to measure loss of flexibility with age, as well as which gender loses flexibility at a quicker rate.

So, as a benchmark measure, it should be noted that I beat Dan. I'll keep you posted on the years to come.


Shelley said...

i'm not sure this limbo test is a very good one. I mean, sure, it's fun now. But what if the limbo means putting your back out, falling, breaking a hip and then ending up in a full-body cast. that is some dangerous stuff, my friend. Dangerous!!

Anonymous said...

You will always get my vote as most talented limbo-er - on account of your winning a limbo contest in a duct tape dress. That feat still baffles my mind!

Karyn Clemens said...

One day, Julie, we will HAVE to have a limbo match...because I must say that my limbo skills are quite enviable as well! ;) I remember the first IVCF Christmas banquet I came to in Lethy with Duane...there was a limbo contest that I believe I almost won...some girl in a red dress beat me.


Anonymous said...


That looks like fun ... I dont think I could have done that!

How come Lowell didnt participate? I can see Lowell just sitting and watching the girls have fun! Anyway, looks like you guys had fun :)

Talk to u later!

Lowell & Julie said...

Lowell was watching b/c he was long since OUT. He fits into our family in other ways :)

Lowell & Julie said...

Yes Karyn, we shall begin our OWN scientific experiment. OUR experiment can account for height, flexibility, and age. Oooo, I'm sooooo scientific.