Sunday, December 09, 2007


Ever since people started raving about Settlers of Catan, I've avoided it at all costs. "um, no thank you; I'm not feeling well; I think I need a nap; oh unfortunately I was just on my way out." The game terrified me.

This weekend Lowell's cousins (Stephen, Tricia, and baby Jubilee) spent the weekend with us, and I got shanghai'd into playing it.

I loved it.

Now I want it for Christmas. With the expansion of course (hint hint Santa- I know you read this blog!!).


Lowell Taylor said...

The woman speaks the truth. I have tried to get her to play on many occasions, and always with the same result... not playing. =)

I finally cornered her into playing it. I knew she would like it, and I knew she would be good at it. She was.

So Santa, this will bring our house much joy through the long cold winter months. *wink*

Bloggy Mama said...

Uh oh, girl! There are soooooooo many more great games our there that are very Catan-esgue. You'll have to expand your horizons some more ;)
Try Puerto Rico, Carcassonne and maybe Niagara, too...

Shelley said...

i LOVE settlers.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! But I too love Settlers now. I'm sure Santa will bring it to you for Christmas. Enjoy!
Jill Sneep