Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We are back in sweet little Alberta. We loved our trip to Hawaii (and we miss it), but we're quite content to be home (although I'm not sure about this whole "real life" thing starting again...).

Quick wrap up of some highlights of our wonderful Hawaiian getaway:

One morning I said to Lowell, "I think I'll put my hair in braids today and throw on a hat."

To this, Lowell responded, "Oh, would you like a french braid?"

Me: "Come again?"

Here's the story: I've always said that a prerequisite to being my husband is the ability to french braid hair. In the weeks before the wedding, Carlynne apparently taught Lowell how to french braid, and he practiced on her and her roommates.

So here it is: Lowell's first french braid (on me)!!

I was so impressed that I didn't end up throwing on a hat. (Mom, aren't you proud??)

The next day Lowell took me on a surprise flight to Kauai (another island). We went on a helicopter tour of the island. Kauai is where Jurassic Park (at least some of it) was filmed, and we flew right by the waterfalls that are in the movie. Lowell loved the whole hour-long ride. I, on the other hand, suffer from motion sickness, so I spent about 58.5 minutes with my eyes closed. Never you worry though, I did see the waterfalls (however briefly)!

At the airport in Kauai.

Look how happy I am to board the helicopter!
It didn't last long:

This is how I spent the adventure.

The famous falls!

Another beautiful view.

Us after the ride:
Although the yellow things look like fanny packs, and while I'd be proud to wear such a fashionable item, I must admit that they are life vests.

This is what I ACTUALLY looked like (and felt like) after the ride.

After the helicopter tour, we spent the rest of the day hanging around the island where chickens run rampant. It was so odd to see chickens roaming around freely as we're used to seeing them in fancy dancy little coups. While we were having lunch (ironically, a chicken burger!), there was a chicken peering into a garbage can. He was getting a little too snoopy and fell in. So odd.

The next night we went to Waikiki beach (Honolulu) and went on a sunset dinner cruise with Josh & Tara (friends from Lowell's hometown who were also honeymooning in Hawaii). Surprisingly (and thankfully) I didn't experience much motion sickness, so I was able to enjoy the giant spread of food and the Hawaiian dancers with the 3 other honeymooner couples at our table. It's ridiculous how many people honeymoon in Hawaii. On our flight to Maui (when we first arrived in Hawaii), we told the stewardess we were on our honeymoon (you know, hinting for special treatment), and she said, "You're couple number 13 on this flight." Holy toledo. You would probably get special treatment on that plane if you're not on your honeymoon!

Anyhoo, some pictures of the sunset cruise:

Before sunset there was a rainbow. How glorious!!

Hawaiian dancers (I'm pretty sure that goes without saying...)

Zee much anticipated sunset!

Josh & Tara

Lowell and I

Doesn't this picture look like my head was cut out of a picture and photoshopped onto this scene? It's totally real. Really! And that's why I included this picture.

The next day we did what everyone must do in Hawaii...we surfed! We made sure to leave our wedding rings at home as Josh went a few days before and lost his wedding ring within 15 minutes. That sucks. Lowell and I both got up, and would loooove to do it again. When we spoke to the activities coordinator lady at our resort, she told Lowell to be careful out there because he looks like a local and they might treat him like an experienced surfer (while he's not). It's true! He's gotten several comments in the past that he looks like a Hawaiian surfer dude, and even a native Hawaiian thought he was one!

Our surf boards (sans us).

After hanging out some more on the beach, we climbed Diamond Head.

Lowell atop Diamond Head

The view from Diamond head (of Honolulu/Waikiki)

We then went back to our place and started packing things up. while I was packing Lowell's suitcase, there was a COCKROACH in it. GROSS I hate bugs. Have I mentioned that there were also geckos in our room? It was a classy resort, but the rooms were outdoor cabiny things, so geckos got in through the roof. I was none to impressed with this especially since I first noticed one when we were relaxing in bed watching an episode of Reba (I love that show) on Lowell's laptop. I saw the scurrying little creature out of the corner of my eye and about flipped my lid. After that, I tried my hardest to get a picture of one of the little guys (you know, as evidence), but they're just too fast! I guess you gotta take the bad (gross bugs etc) with the good (everything else about Hawaii).

Then we flew home to Edmonton and opened wedding presents. YEAY that was FUN. I could get used to this :) Everyone is so nice! We finally cleaned up the place, and have been enjoying settling in ever since. It was especially nice to be back at our (Edmonton) home church again.

Yesterday Lowell started work again, and I start next Monday.

Aloha (good-bye) Hawaii and Aloha (hello) real life!


Anonymous said...

That Lowell is full of surprises! Great french braid Lowell! And the helicopter ride..Lowell, next time try encouraging your wife to swallow gravol a half hour prior to flight time :) Glad you guys had such a wonderful honeymoon.
Love Mum

Lowell Taylor said...

Oh I tried to make sure the helicopter ride would be ok. I did my research and they said it was supposed to be like "floating on a magic carpet." They said that it is smooth "like a limo" and most people do not get sick like they would on a plane or a ride. We also bought Bonine motion sickness pills and Julie had two of them the morning before the flight. It didn't work. *sigh* I enjoyed having her by my side though as I floated above one of the most beautiful places in the world. (sorry you got sick Jules!)

Oh, and the braid... with practice I might move up to a double braid and see if I can't rival Bette's "perfect french braid" I have heard so much about. *smirk*

Tracy said...

Awww I love that he learned how to do your hair! So glad you had fun and can't wait to hear stories of your new life together! Let's see some pictures of the new place :)

~allison d.~ said...

Why did I think that french braid thing was so cute!!....man, Julie, where did you find this guy!!! :) I can't even french braid and I'm FEMALE!

OH! And ps, I had a dream that I met you randomly! You were running a workshop for stressed out new parents. I volunteered to be the person that held the babies while the mums & dads were learning how to not be stressed out and you said that was ok. :D haha! Talk about random!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Julie. That's very interesting that one of your requirments for a hubby is frech braiding ability. It use to be one of mine. I've tried and tried to teach Paul but I've been unsuccessful. (that's why we aren't married yet....and why I learned for myself.)
Shannon Brink

Anonymous said...

Opps! I forgot the N in French.

Melinda said...

Wwwwhen I lived in Townsville, Australia, our house was laden with geckos -- I thought the little guys were kinda cute. One time, I was doing laundry, and a BIG gecko flopped into the washing machine -- I had to wait for him to leave before I could continue.
But I'm with you on the cockroaches...blech. I killed 3 when I was in Australia/Cook Islands -- I was a bit of a cockroach killing machine.


AJ Wilgus said...

You know I totally found the free range roosters in Hawaii creepy...they followed me around and tried to steal my towel! I also flipped out when I saw the cockroaches, but I found the geckos super adorable. Hawaii is awesome hey? I liked how the locals greet eachother by saying "howzit brah." I tried to bring it home but it never really caught on...
glad you guys are back! david saw George L the hockey player downtown in July. He's a big guy I guess he's pretty hard to miss!