Monday, August 06, 2007

Still bloggin in paradise...

Julie likey Hawaii!!

This picture deserves to be posted as I stood there with this smile pasted on my face for 20 minutes while Lowell waited for the waves to spash perfectly against the rocks. Ahh, life is tough!

First things first: this is our convertible from Maui. It's a 2007 Ford Mustang convertible. We thought we were all cool and unique, but apparently it's the car of choice around these Hawaiian islands because EVERYBODY rents them: young and old, tall and short, wide and narrow...everybody rents these things!

Saturday: drove the rode to Hana. This is a mile 54 mile drive around one of the 2 volcanoes that erupted and formed the island of Maui. This was a freakishly narrow and winding 54 miles along the coast that prides itself in being one of the most beautiful drives in the world (although long and sickly if you get motion sickness). Add in a couple of stops and it took us 6 hours to arrive at the "Seven Sacred pools". The pools were our #1 motivation to drive this challenging course, and they were closed! It had rained too much the night before and the pools were at a dangerously high level.

One of the stops on the road was the "Garden of Eden". It was beautiful, and here are just a couple of pictures to prove it (Moms- we think you would've loved it!) :

The Seven Sacred Pools (from a distance)... don't they look inviting?? :

While the convertible was much enjoyed during this trip, it does have its drawbacks. It's not first and foremost on my mind to wear SPF 45 in a CAR as I'm not used to the thinking that should accompany convertible driving! However, I will now always think to lather on the sunscreen because my shoulders, neck, and scalp are charred from the 9 hour jaunt in the blazing sun, and it sure ain't comfortable. This is me. JULIE. I put on SPF 45 in the dead of winter...and I got BURNT? Dad, I hope you're not too disappointed in me ;) From now on my cowboy hat (i.e. our little slice of Alberta) stays on my head AT ALL TIMES.

Sunday we went parasailing in Lahaina (previous capital of Hawaii). That was a unique experience that we would both recommend!

Today is Monday, and we are now comfortably settled at our resort (Lowell's Grandma's timeshare place) in O'ahu. This place doesn't have a kitchenette, but it does have 3 random little fridges and 2 coffee makers. We made another grocery shopping trip and filled the fridges because we certainly can't afford to eat out all the time. It costs like $9.25 for 2 cookies at this resort. No thank you, I'd rather chew on tin foil.

The resort's pool and view. aaahhhhhh:

The resort is beautiful though, and such a relaxing atmosphere. We are an hour away from Honolulu and Waikiki (popular beach), so we will be taking day trips to those areas (in our new mustang convertible which is exactly the same except for it's white). For now though, we're going to do as Hal & JoAnn suggest and "Keep Fit and Have Fun" (although not so much the "keep fit" part).



Anonymous said...

Ooooh what a special honeymoon God has granted you guys!!! Sorry about the sunburn! It sounds like this week will be as special as the last one. Thanks for keeping us posted :) The paradise garden does look wonderful. You are right, I think Judy and I would love it. I think both Dads would too!
Love Mum :0

~allison d.~ said...

Ok, I'm officially jealous. On many levels. :)

Tracy said...

Glad to hear you're having a fabulous time! And thanks for posting! It's so fun to see your new posts about your adventures in Hawaii!

Susan & Darcen said...

Wow!! Look at you guys! It sounds like you are having an amazing honeymoon...what a perfect location. You look gorgeous Julie!

Elizabeth said...

sooo awesome!
Marriage sits well, eh?

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun. I was in O'ahu (almost ten years ago!) And I totally haggled for things in the markets. They seemed to expect it, so you should definetely go for it. Also, I was very careful too, always putting sunscreen on, but I did the same thing as you. Who thinks of putting sunscreen on before they climb in the car!
Have fun you two!