Saturday, August 25, 2007

They're leavin' on a jet plane!

You recall, of course, that Marc & Kylie are in Kenya?

(They're the white ones)

Today my sister (Carlynne) and my parents are all flying to Kenya to join Marc & Kylie. Carlynne’s doing a medical elective for 5 weeks, then traveling with Marc & Kylie for 2 weeks. My Dad will be working for 2 weeks there, then he and Mither will take one week to do the fun stuff.

Shucky darn, I was enjoying being in the same city as Carlynne again and now she’s taking off for a month and a half?

(We're allowed to have twin clothes and twin chairs and twin goofy expressions... we ARE twins.)

This morning Carlynne and Dan came over for a “Good-bye Brekky”. Kylie’s Mom gave us a gourmet waffle iron for our wedding, so we had 3 different kinds of waffles for breakfast: Apple cinnamon, whole grain blueberry, and CHOCOLATE FUDGE. This is probably the only way you can truly justify having chocolate for breakfast (are all you pregnant women paying attention?)

Here's the waffle maker lathered in goo-ey chocolate (and this is post partial clean-up!). Thanx Cherri!!

Mmmmm... yummy waffles. Thanx Cherri!!

I think that while the rest of the fam is gallivanting on the other side of the globe, Shar should come over and we can eat ice cream and whimper about being left behind in Canada. And maybe she can do my make-up too. How about it Shareen?

Classic Shareen:

Happy travels to all three of you!! Shareen and I aren't jealous at all ;)

PS- We have your pictures on our fridge to remind us to pray for you (not that we'd forget) :

Those are our adorable nieces on the bottom :)


Carlynne and the rents said...

Nice blog Julie. Gosh we feel special. We are having fun. Thanks for your prayers!
Love Mom and Dad and Carlynne
PS We started "Transformers" tonight:)

Susan said...

Just wanted you to know I've been loving your blogs...your honeymoon looked incredible!! And your wedding pics are gorgeous.

Darcen and I saw Georges Laraque last summer, and I tell ya, he's HUGE!! I would have been intimidated but he had such a big smile on his face the whole time (he was signing autographs). Anyways, talk to you later!

Shelley said...

Ok, i just saw the countdown until the baby is due. That's hilarious!!

Alisha said...

I just got the countdown thinger too! You are worse than an elephant! a 5 year gestation period.... man.....

Anonymous said...

I read your blog all the time... I noticed something a little different this morning, however.. YOU'RE PREGNANT???? What the heck?!

P.S. I am also the anonymous blogger who left the comment on the Georges Laraque post. I meant to leave it on your most recent post. So if you do have a bun in the oven, I just want to say that I (the girl you have never met) saw it FIRST!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... 1793 days... that's a loooong pregnancy ;) Perhaps this is a joke.

Angella said...

Hey you! I met Shareen tonight! Luck me :)

I've been a bad blog checker because I knew you left on your honeymoon...and got busy...

It's been nice to catch up!

And maybe I can meet you too someday :)