Friday, June 29, 2007

Sick of triathlons yet?

I have not yet given you the proper run through with pictures of the ITU Triathlon that Lowell and I did last weekend. Lowell already posted our TV appearance, but let me now fill you in with a leetle more detail.
Without further ado:

Lowell's cousins Stephen (pictured with ultra prego wife Tricia) and Jordan, as well as Lowell's brother's brother-in-law Lance joined us for this to do. Things started off a little shaky as the day before race day, Lance's bike, which was like 2 days old and unridden, had 2 flat tires. He got new tires, and those went flat, and then his gears started jumping. Then Jordan's tires (also new bike) went flat etc etc. Finally, they took their bikes to the kind people at the United Cycle booth (bless their hearts), and they fixed them right up nice.

Here Lance is none too impressed with the bike situation...

Little interlude... isn't Lowell handsome?!

Now fast forward to race day. Setting up transition in the morning:

Waiting for the swim to start in the frigid cold Hawrelak Lake. Notice how we are butt freezing cold huddled in the distance. We were 5 of 7 people not wearing full on wet suits. Brrrr.....

Starting the swim (again, brrr....) :

Finished the swim (*giant sigh of relief*) :

We were too fast for Mommio to get pictures of us on the bikes, but let me give you a brief synopsis: I used the same vintage bike that I used last year. I hadn't ridden it since then and it was sitting in my sister's garage all year. Lowell and I did the race together; he had his brakes on while going down the hills, and I was pedaling with all I had within me and I still couldn't keep up. Perhaps I need a new bike.
So anyhoo, here we are in transition after the bike (heading off on the run). I'm just taking my sweet time stuffing my shorts with kleenex (as any serious triathlete would do of course...)

Can you see us? We're starting our second loop of the run!

Aaaaaand, we're done:

Here are the boys and I (and we didn't even plan the coordinating outfits!) :

L to R: Stephen, Jordan, moi, Loweller, Lance

Here are the 'rents and us (minus my Papa) :

My Mama and I:

And the classic shot showing off our numbers (which still, a week later, haven't worn off) :

All in all it was a fun day, even though I was ill-prepared for this year's affair and added 5 minutes onto my time. WHOOPS. And poor Lowell was dragged down with me as his only goal for this particular race was to finish with me (aw, how sweet). Otherwise he woulda placed for sure! Next year, Lowell. Next year...

PS- The only part of my body that was really sore following the race was the ginormous charlie horse that LOWELL gave my thigh with his bike during transition (right before the run). We have proof on video. Really!


Duane Clemens said...

Would it be a dumb question to ask why you stuff your shorts with Kleenex?


Lowell & Julie said...

Valid question Duane. I'm a full of phlegm kind of girl (allergies?) so when I exercise, I have to blow my nose like every 2 seconds (and spit). Attractive, I know :)

Angella said...

Way to go guys! :)

Avery said...

I keep trying to convince you Julie that the farmer blow works just great - saves carrying all that kleenex around:)

Lowell & Julie said...

Oh Avery. I have no problemo horking a noogy and SPITTING it out (of my MOUTH), but the nose thing doesn't seem to work for me. I tried it once and got unpleasantness all over my face. Maybe I just need lessons from a pro like you :)