Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day Dad!!

My Dad isn’t just any ol’ ordinary man…he’s super fantabulesso!

He has so many great qualities, and the best one is that he’s our Dad!...

...and a Grandpa to his one and only grandchild...Niko!

He’s also the recipient of a Alberta Centennial Award for his contribution to the betterment of our community.

He helps out wherever and whenever he can. Whether it be slicing the turkey, doing the dishes, any kind of yard work, or trucking to Edmonton to clean out our eaves troughs and clear our yard of water… he’s there!

He's also the master of power naps, sunscreen application, helmet wearing, and anything to do with health and safety!

He’s fit as a fiddle; an athletic man this one is.

He’s a funny dude! Peace man.

Happy Father’s Day Daddio. I love you kpishi!!

(I am apparently very excited to be alive in this picture…or maybe I’m just so excited to have such a great Dad!)


jimminy_c said...

I must also add that the man knows how to rifle a football! He put Duane and I to shame yesterday...

Duane Clemens said...

and how...I should also point out that he's quite the doctor from some of the stories he told us on the way home!


Lowell & Julie said...

How right you both are.

Sounds like you boys had a great time this weekend. I'm sad I wasn't there (with the girls of course). Next time...

J :)