Saturday, June 16, 2007

Engagement Pictures are all the Rage

I've said it once and I'll say it again: these dudes (Kevan & Duane) are amazing. I had the hardest time choosing my favourite shots because I have like 17 different categories of "favourites" (silly, classy, scenery, facial expressions, random, props, colours etc etc...).

Prepare to be dazzled.

To view a slideshow of these and more, see my previous post, or go here.

Kevan and Duane: We are truly impressed.


shareen said...

I love them all and am so impressed as well, but in watching the slideshow I think the second one you posted up there is the one that was my favorite. But I love the first one too...ah, heck, I love them all.

Angella said...

I love them all too!! It helps when the bride-to-be is as stunning as you are :)

Lowell Taylor said...

Angella, so how am I supposed to feel now? *smirk* I agree though. Julie is BEAUTIFUL and these pictures really show that. Heck without Julie, no one would care about these! haha

I love the 2nd and 6th ones. Oh, and Julie really likes the 3rd one, but I find my eyes to be odd and so it ruins the picture for me. It is a fun shot though.

Thanks for letting us know you like the pics! Again, if you need ANY photography done (not just weddings) be sure to consider Duane and Kevan! They are up and coming stars!

Joanna said...

beautiful photos and couple!!! wow - kudos to all of you :-)