Monday, June 18, 2007

So close... yet so far away!

So, I just spoke with Lowell on the phone, and our conversation went a little something like this:

Lowell: So I have good news and bad news for you, and the bad news takes over the good news.

Julie: *heart rate increasing due to anxiety* Yeah? What's that?

Lowell: The good news is I won you tickets to see Kelly Clarkson.

Julie: REALLY?! AWESOME! What's the bad news?

Lowell: Kelly canceled her entire tour. Booooo.

The best friend that never was. *sniff sniff*

Well crappity-doo! Of ALL the artists who could've canceled their tours, it was the ONE that we had tickets for.

How did Lowell win them? He sang like a woman on EZ Rock 104.9 (popular Edmonton radio station). His pick was Celine Dion's "Near, Far, Wherever You are...". He didn't know all the words (even after frantically googling them), so he just made words up about marrying me..... on the AIR! For ALL OF EDMONTON to hear. What a cool dude. I wish I could've heard it. I'm sure I would've fallen in love all over again.

(PS- if we're all lucky, he'll do another little rendition of Celine at the wedding).

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Lowell & Julie said...

4 months later...
Just perusing old posts, and drat, no comments on this one. Allow me to remedy that!

Ha ha...consider it remedied.