Sunday, June 03, 2007

Road Rash

Lowell went for a bike ride today, and the road beat him up.

Ouch . But check out those dang spankin monstrous muscles!

And he's still Mr. Happy Happy Joy Joy!


Shelley said...


Susan said...

Poor Lowell...first sore eyes from onions, and now some road rash from biking. :)

That looks painful!

David said...


Lowell I miss ya!

jimminy_c said...

and yet... if I was going to fall and hurt myself, I think that I would want to the accompanying souvenirs so that there would be tangible evidence as to why I was acting like a wimp for the next few days... and those are some impressive battle scars I must say. A job well done!

~allison d.~ said...

Owwww!!! That looks painful!!

Talk about a great attitude though. :)

Duane said...

Nice battle scars. Sports injuries are almost least from a bragging perspective!