Saturday, May 04, 2013

Baby Prediction Contest 2.0 WINNER!

And the winner is…

TRACY H! She was a mere 20 minutes off of the exact birth time which was April 12, 2013 and 9:25am (and she also accurately predicted a BOY). We already spoke to this lucky winner, and she chose $50 for Starbucks (a woman after my own heart).

If Stefan was actually a Stephanie (not actually the girl name we had lined up FYI although we do love all the Stephanies in our lives), my very own mama would've won. And then I would have joined her for many Starbucks outings (and it wouldn't have appeared rigged at allll)!

Other winners are (drum roll please)…

ALISON Gw (our adopted NZ mama!) who was bang on with the weight (7 lbs 4 oz), and
RICHARD L who guessed the exact height (19.75 inches). Also, those two made us laugh out loud with their responses (in the create-a-question-and-answer category), so they REALLY deserve their Starbuckeroos (Starbucks + buckeroos. I’m very witty that way).

The final prize is for creativity/humour. CALLING KYLIE G and MICHELLE K! They really played up the whole 4/20 due date (aka national pot smoking day). Michelle even went so far as to suggest several stoner names as discovered through google and Examples: Weed Leaf, Green Feen, Iron Lungz, & Blaze. Hehe :) Starbuckeroos headed your way too ladies! (I think I’m really onto something with that Starbuckeroos. Should I patent that right now then?)

There were several other fun suggestions that tickled our funny bones, so thank you to everyone who submitted a prediction!

For you nerdy types who like the stats, here they are:
  • 50% guessed a boy, and 50% guessed a girl
  • the earliest due date guessed was March 29
  • the latest due date predicted was April 30
  • the average date guessed was April 18
  • the most common date guessed was April 22
If you thought I would post this without including a few randoms of my main men, you were WRONG! 

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