Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ride for a Reason 2013

For the past couple of years, Lowell has participated in (and been on the committee for) Ride for a Reason (RFAR) which is a 350km bike ride to raise money for Southern Alberta Bible Camp (SABC). It’s impressive enough that these people do this lengthy ride, but that Lowell does it legally blind is even more impressive. Not surprising… but impressive.

Two years ago, I joined Lowell for the last day (90km) while 6 months pregnant with Fraser (and apparently looking ridiculous hunched over on my ancient road bike).

(If you recall, I was comparing Fraser's supposed fetal size to fruits and veggies. That week was clearly a rutabaga!)...

Last year, Lowell went insane-o intense and biked 80km farther than everyone else JUST CUZ.

While he was away, Fraser and I took some little photos to inspire him on his ride.

We were very happy to see him when he finished!

This year, Lowell is participating again. He has been on the committee that makes the ride happen, and he’s super excited about it and committed to the cause. However, it dawned on me that yes. Cycling on the highway carries risk for anyone… but for someone who’s legally blind? Eesh. Upon returning home from the hospital with Stefan, I quickly realized that the idea of my visually impaired husband and the father of my two young children cycling 350kms down the highway in goodness knows WHAT conditions is somewhat concerning. I was also aware of Lowell’s desire/commitment to participate, however, so we came up with an agreement. If I could raise $5,000 on his behalf, he wouldn’t ride.  BUUUUT, if unsuccessful with my fundraising attempts, not only would he ride, but I would join him on the last day (something that’s terribly undesirable to me as I will be 7 weeks post surgery/baby, and haven’t exercised in nearly a year). I was pumped for the arrangement… at first. Then I was all like, ‘I don't have the time, energy, or connections to raise those kinds of funds, and I do NOT want to ride the last day.’

So, we kaiboshed the deal, and agreed that Lowell WOULD ride this year, but if the conditions are AT ALL QUESTIONABLE he would ride in a support vehicle.  Also, this would be his last year doing the ride (unless his eyes improve dramatically and/or I do 100% of it with him). Breaks my heart as he loves it soooo much and it's just one more little piece of independence that's being stolen away from him because of his dang eyes.... but I just value his life too much.

So, how about it? Want to help Lowell go out with a bang AND support a wonderful camp (the one that I, in fact, grew up attending)??!! Any donation over 5 dollars gets you a charitable tax receipt, and every little bit helps! Just click on the link, fill out the form, and select 'Lowell' under 'Rider's Name'. The form is right HERE. We also appreciate your prayerful support for safety for Lowell (and the other riders), as well as peace of mind pour moi! Thank you sooooo much!

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