Friday, May 31, 2013

Project 365 - May Edition

Maternity shots with Lowell's sister Julie Anne- 36 weeks!
Yes, this is also from Julie Anne's maternity shoot... she's just too dang beautiful!

Sharing the first outdoor snack of the season!

Fight face (and fist).

Dog run giggles!

I have the coolest parents- biking across town to church!

First bottle at 3 weeks = SUCCESS!

The guitar ("DEE-tah") awaits a nightly sing-a-long with Papa.

This is what happens when mama over-optimistically cinches up a pair of 3T shorts for a 19-month old!

Kisses for "Step-uhn" ..."mmmmmmmmmmmWAH!"
Snuggles with Georgia and Paisley!

Giggling nieces!
Mama and her little loves on Mother's Day (which was also Stefan's dedication day)!
Little Brother. (Thanks Uncle G and Auntie Mandy!)

Stefan all nestled in his cocoon courtesy of Nana and Papa.

Just doing some backyard sprints!

Belated Mother's Day flowers from my thoughtful hubster!
Splish splash!

Guess who got a new potty (which remains unused thus far)??! Appropriate purchase given his current favourite phrase "no more diapers!"

Brother love.

Sweet sweet Papa love.

Baby toys are the BEST!

Snacking with the BIG boys!

Papa captured Stefan's first smiles!
Nana is such a blast!

Six weeks old, in a sleep sac, and nearly outgrowing the bassinet!

Fraser just checking up on his little bro with a stethoscope... no big deal.

This cool dude has it made in the shade!

SOMEONE got a new bike!
Total BFFs for life!

Six weeks post-op and THRILLED to be able to lift Fraser again!

Fraser "helping" Nana with the garden.

Taking biking-themed photos to inspire Daddy on his 350km ride to raise money for SABC!
 And that, folks, is MAY!

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Anonymous said...

I was around for 99% of these pictures, and it sure is a fun to run through the memories!