Tuesday, April 30, 2013

project 365: April edition

Hate the sickies; love the snugglies!
First trip to emerg with the Fraselnut... sooooo grateful for Nana's support!
I hosted a Tupperware party and totally scored. I paid under $100 and ended up with THIS impressive haul!

Classic 'will it be a boy or will it be a girl' pedi!
Nesting kicks in full force.

Taking a break from the insanity of taxes to do a little Insanity workout.

I do love a man who shampoos rugs!

Stories with Auntie Julie Anne!
My friend Tiffany, the goddess of organization, helped me purge/organize our closet. She's DEFINITELY invited back ANY TIME!

Some final baby belly kisses!

One last swim with Auntie Chels & Nico before baby!

Computer notification the day before scheduled c-section... things suddenly seeming a little more real!

Welcome to the world Stefan Peter!

Big brother Fraser meets baby Stefan!

Some Stefan snuggles on our last full day in the hospital.

First night in his very own bed!

My three boys: happy, healthy, and home.

Stefan meeting family via Skype!

Helping Nana with the laundry! This little skill could come in verrrry handy in the future.
Cuddles with my wee zebra man!

Hot tubbin it with Daddy!
Nick drove us to church in our van as I wasn't able to drive yet post c-section. He obviously felt really cool in the swagger wagon and secretly wants a mini van of his own I'm SURE.

Just TICKLED for Spring!

Snuggles with Papa!

Admiring Papa at work.

Floor time.

Some solid outdoor play time with Nico!

Sucking on Daddy's arm as a little pre-meal snack.

Stefan's close-up.
Just chowing down a drumstick... no big deal.

Nana & Fraser having some quality time with Stefan's play mat!

And that's a wrap, folks!

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Shelley said...

adorable!! All of it!