Monday, April 01, 2013

week 37 - child's ski pole

Week 37 and our tiny fetus child is just over 19 inches long... much like Fraser's ski pole (minus the handle and part of the tip hehe). As it's Easter, I felt it would be appropriate to wear the bunny gear. Get it? Ski bunny? If one were to google 'ski bunny', one would likely expect to find a much different image... not a 37-week pregnant woman who swiped her son's bunny props and just happens to be holding a tiny ski pole. Photo fail? Never. But definitely on the super ridiculous end of the 'ridiculous continuum'.

I'm sure I had many wonderfully witty and informative tidbits to share with you this week, but the past seven days have passed in somewhat of a busy blur, and this weekend ended with us closely supervising and snuggling our pukey little sickie boy who hasn't even been holding down liquids. This was our evening until, well, 5 minutes ago (all 3 boys sleeping on the couch between hurl sessions)...

I very much dislike when that child is sick.

I do have a short little listy-loo, however...

1. Just go vote already. April first is the last day to vote in our baby prediction contest. Come midnight Mountain Standard Time on April 1st, you will no longer be eligible for our wicked awesome $50-for-whatever-you-want prize. So skedaddle on over here: Baby Prediction Contest 2.0.

2. I'm DONE WORK!! And the serious nesting is beginning. Mom and Shareen already spent an entire day helping me get 47 meals in the freezer (EEEEEEEEE!), and that, folks, is just the beginning (although I (probably) won't rope those poor dears into the rest of my nesting tasks). Here's a glimpse of our day (oh, and by the way, Shareen also prepped Easter dins on the side. That was a LOT of food in one day)...

The grocery stash!
Mom is the onion cutting queen!
Lowell totally rocked Daddy duty... all day long!
Veggies chopped & meat browned... ready for assembly!
Donesies at last! 47 meals in the freezer feels sooooooo good.
3. March Project 365 photos...

There have been many fires around these parts of late... the emergency lights for THIS one had us up in the middle of the night as it was across the street from our house- gak!

Fraser crashing the puppy picture set is perhaps one of the cutest things ever.

Blizzard + crazy boys = some extreme outdoor riding.

Fraser giggles!!
Classy dude.

Lately Fraser has been a little snuggle bug. It makes it very difficult to get things done... but I love it.

Fraser and Daddy phoning Nana (which often happens as per Fraser's request)!

Tupperware party... 14 women, and about that many wee kidlets!

"Yay!" Always so proud of himself when he hears the satisfying click of the clasp!

Reading stories in the tub.

My parents have been a huge help (as per the norm). They like to sneak over and surprise us by shoveling our walk... regularly. And we are SO grateful!!

Nearing the end of my working days... better write up reports at coffee shops!

Everyone wants a piece of Daddy!

Our little sickie got a house call from Dr. Papa. The first of a couple to happen this month... such a lucky boy to have Dr. Papa so close!

I love me some hoar frost!

The Frank Slide en route to Fernie for maternity photos.

St. Patty's Day fun with BFF Nico!
Oh these boys look soooooo innocent!

Me with my speech assistant Michelle. She's the best assistant BAR NONE... can't you see why I love her so much? I'm surely going to miss her... a LOT!

Windy springy walk downtown.

A trip to the dog run- just me and the pooch.

Fraser hung out with these boys and learned the ropes of being a big brother (from Christopher) while their mama, Joelle, enlightened me about the world of C-sections. There was also coffee and other gabbing involved... obviously.
One of our maternity selfies... being such amazing parents.

Shadow shot of the family... all present and accounted for!

We did some maternity shots with Nathania and her little family when she was already a week overdue. She's just too Cutie McCute for words!

Heading out for my LAST DAY OF WORK!!

Fraser and I got to spend the whole day with Nico. Auntie Julie likes to call this collage "Fun with Auntie Julie"!

Happy THIRD birthday to Kumeu, and happy HALF birthday (18 months!) to little Frasel!!

Nick, Chels & Nico moved (not to worry... still a mere 18-minute drive away)! While Lowell helped Nicholas with man's work (actually moving stuff), Chels and I supervised the children while gabbing- I mean- unpacking/organizing.

Mom and Shareen (BLESS THEIR HEARTS) spent the entire day helping me get 47 MEALS IN OUR FREEZER. Hallelujah!

Our very own little Easter bunny!
DANGITT! It's barely after midnight (in Alberta at least). Week 37 of my second pregnancy, and this is the first time in BOTH PREGNANCIES I've dropped the ball and not had my Sunday update BEFORE 11:59pm ON SUNDAY. Oh well... I'm sure we'll all get over it. 9 minutes late is really nothing to cry about.



Kathryn Ferrie said...

You are such a cute little bunny! I love all your updates!

Courtney said...

what sort of meals do you have in the freezer? lasagna? this is amazing! i'm going to have to do this come the fall! i'm 12 weeks preggo today!

Jane said...

47 meals is super amazing!! I would also like to know what you made :)

Lowell & Julie said...

Yes, I am indeed thrilled with 47 meals in our freezer!

Last time we did freezer meals, we did mostly marinated raw meats (chicken breasts, whole chicken, pork chops, steak) and stir-fry type dishes (from the Big Cook cookbook). This time, we did some of those, but also more casserole-type dishes (shepherd's pie, mexican vegetarian lasagna, pizza casserole, mexican pasta bake etc), some slow cooker recipes that we like (coconut chicken curry, Indonesian chicken in peanut sauce), some Mexican dishes (chicken tortillas, fajitas), and other randoms such as meatballs, chili, hamburger soup, pizza, marinated pork chops... really just a random assortment of family friendly dishes that we thought would freeze well.

We'll see how this round of meals goes, and whether or not we switch it up again next time!