Sunday, April 07, 2013

week 38 - bike pump

38 weeks pregnant, and this babe is ~20ish inches long... like the red part of this bike pump. Whoa. So surreal that there's a fully developed child just hangin out in the ol womb!

The listy-loo:

1. I had two main goals for this past week: nest like a maniac, and get in lots of Fraser time. Well, Fraser caught a nasty gastro bug which meant I got in TONS of the latter, and really not much of the former.

Poor Fraser came down with his bug last Sunday, and after 48 hours of holding nothing down (not even water) and being super lethargic (if he wasn't sleeping or puking, he was snuggling), my Mom and I took him to emergency. Oh boy was I grateful for Nana's support...

After 4 hours at emerg, we left with a wee anti-nausa/vomiting tablet, and he hasn't hurled since!

He finally started gaining his appetite back, and even showed glimpses of his little personality that evening. He was still lethargic and super snuggly, but we knew he was on the up and up when he flashed us his 'squinty eye thing' combined with his fake smile. PRICELESS!

The idea of sick children has always been heartbreaking to me, but when it's your own (however brief), it adds a whole new level of suckiness. I must admit, though, that I did love all the cuddles.

During Fraser's naps, I managed to squeeze in some of my planned nesting (when I, myself, wasn't also sleeping). My initial motivation was the new Tupperware that I scored. I re-did my baking drawers and one thing led to the next, and I ended up re-doing like 70% of the kitchen cupboards/drawers. The only areas I got before and after pictures of, however, were the baking drawers and the spice drawer. Be dazzled.

The before. Oh. my. heavens. I was using old nut containers and dishwasher tablet containers. Plus there were random cans of soup and extra empty containers in there for no reason whatsoever. It was an embarrassingly disastrous shmoz of nastiness is what it was.

AFTER (labels from the coveted label maker to come!) :

Spice drawer before (left) and after (right)...

My Mom gave us that spice drawer organizer when we moved in three years ago. I figured it was about time I brought in the ol hacksaw and had Lowell give it a trim so it fit in the drawer.

I used to be soooo embarrassed when people started opening our kitchen drawers/cupboards, and I cringed at the idea of house sitters judging my house-keeping skills. Now, however, I secretly hope people DO snoop. And I can be all casual and natural and like 'oh ya, no big deal. I'm always this organized!'

Between working full time, being on a billion committees, and preparing our taxes, Lowell- bless his heart- has been helping me nest. Today alone, the dear boy shampooed the carpets and hung my new curtains. What a gem!

2. This week I ducked out to get my classic will-it-be-a-boy-or-will-it-be-a-girl pedi.

Look how much less water I'm retaining than this stage with Fraser (both ew and HAHA)...

Due to some language barrier miscommunication, I also got upsold to a manicure... and a hot pink one at that. I was a tad taken aback at first, but now I sort of love it.

My nesting MAY be affected as I'm now super paranoid about knicking my pretty nails. I find myself constantly placing my fingers on various surfaces admiring their beauty. Hehe... can you tell that I NEVER get manicures? Well that may change.

3. I am often asked how I've been feeling. Well, I have regular third trimester symptoms that come and go with varying intensity, but on the whole I have been pleasantly surprised with how awesome I feel. So yay!

4. Maternity photos! Here are some of our favourite shots (at 35 weeks) from our friend Kevan of Decoro Portrait Photography...

Kev wasn't actually shooting ME here- just testing the lighting. But apparently it's when I pull out my fiercest moves...

Snagged Dr. Papa's stethoscope special for this shot...

Heavens. That was a lot of ME. Thanks Kev. ;)

5. Yes, we have the C-section booked. No, we're not sharing. So don't ask. :)


marcandorkylie said...

My baking and spice drawers look exactly like your before pictures. Fo shame!! You look great and I can't believe that your feet swelled so much with Fraser. Cray cray!! And can I taunt people with the face that I too know the date. Na na na na boo boo! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love you red boots! The pictures are nice too. :)


Anonymous said...

Shucks - I should have looked that over more closely before I hit publish. I meant Your red boots as opposed to you. Oops!

Anonymous said...

Julie it was an honour to accompany you and Fraser to Emergency. AND I had totally forgotten about those "Fraser Feet"!!!

Kathryn Ferrie said...

Hokey Smokey, you are beautiful! I love all the pictures.
I'm glad Fraser's doing a better. Poor little guy! So hard to see!

Lowell & Julie said...

Well a big thanks to you all! You're too kind. :)

And yes, Kylie... totally brag it up! That, my dear, is a perk of being my sister! :)