Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Big Birth Day: Part 2 (the part-ay!)

I can't believe our little Fraselberry is two weeks old already (what a blur!). Now is as good a time as any to fill you in on his birth day PART-AY! Fraser was born early on Wednesday morning, by 6am we were escorted to our semi-private room, and by the afternoon we had our party set up!

Balloons, banner, party hats, ‘birthday boy’ ribbon, treat bags, onesie ‘guestbook’…. Fraser’s birth day party!!

Each of the party guests got to sign the onesie then take home a treat bag!

Before the treat bags were handed out, Carlynne filled in the blanks with the appropriate name (Fraser Brian) and date (Sept 28, 2011). This is what the treat bags were filled with...

All the goodies have some significance... some more obvious than others. The bottle and the sour soothers... obvious. The licorice cigar... also pretty obvious. The Ferrero Rocher??! Anyone? HAZELNUTS!

We're pretty sure the nurses thought we were nuts. One walked in to inquire about breastfeeding, and I was like, "Huh? Breast what? Look- Lowell and Carlynne are blowing up balloons!"

Speaking of breastfeeding...
Fraser didn't breastfeed well at the hospital (and even had to be supplemented with formula), but since coming home, he has taken to the breast with a vengeance. He surpassed his birth weight by 100 grams within one week! I'm fairly certain I have enough milk in these newly giganto breasts to feed octuplets... but it's all for our growing Fraser-boy! GO FRASER GO!

Thanks to our friends and family who joined the fun! Oh there are soooo many more parties in this kid's future!!


shareen said...

YES! "Fraselberry" has been validated! I love that you had a birth day party - what a fun idea!

Karyn Clemens said...

Pretty sure the birth day party is the best idea ever! One day I promise we will come to Lethbridge and hang out and shower little mister with snuggles and smooches!!


Quinn And Zoe said...

aww love it!

shareen said...

I was just looking closer at the onesie and did Dad sign it "Grmpa"? When Mum told me the story I thought she meant he signed it "GRUMPa" because he's a big ol' grump (and because that's how Ty says his name).