Sunday, May 29, 2011

week 24 - corn!

I’m now 6 months along… SIX MONTHS??! When did THAT happen??!! Hazelnut is almost a foot long and somewhere in the vicinity of 12 to 20 ounces- oy!

Things that have changed since I’ve been pregnant: well, besides the obvious protruding belly and all the physical surprises that have come with that... I’m taking 60 zillion vitamins a day, I eat more and often (which isn’t far off my normal), my exercise regime has recently been drastically altered (thank you pelvic symphysis diastasis), I sleep weird, I have to bend my knees THEN squat to wash my face, and one more major difference? I put my undies and pants on with a lot more caution. I used to regularly trip on said garments while hastily pulling them on, and end up in a heap on the floor…daily. As I don’t want to subject Hazelnut to so many unnecessary tumbles, I’ve taken to leaning against the wall and painstakingly sliding my undies and pants on. Oh the sacrifices!

Socks… let’s talk socks. My prescription support hose are now in my possession, and boy are they intense. Like, we’re talking put-them-on-with-rubber-gloves intense (literally). The lady teaching me how to wear and care for them assured me, “don’t worry. As you get better at it, it will only take 5 minutes or so to put them on.” FIVE MINUTES?! To put on SOCKS??! Truth be told, I watched half an episode of Ellen before I got them both on the first time. Now the rubber gloves used to massage on the hose are our latest living room décor. Since my morning routine needs to be adjusted anyway (in order to accommodate putting on SOCKS), I may as well be entertained by the telly.

Onto my belly. I’ve heard horror stories about what has happened to bellies of women who had naval piercings prior to pregnancy. So far things haven’t gotten TOO far out of control, but the bottom hole that was previously IN my belly button, now rests ATOP my belly button, my innie is nearly an outie, and there’s a dark ring around my belly button (which is apparently normal). Thankfully no stretch marks…yet. But oh the veins.

Lowell and I were perusing beach photos and having a little chuckle over how different my stomach looked in my pre-pregnancy prime. I assure you that I will likely not be experiencing the same level of post-baby-body success as those Victoria’s Secret models who are mysteriously in tip top shape within 2 weeks of giving birth, so let’s look back with fondness and compare to my current state. I anticipate that things will get FAAAR more interesting (and I wouldn’t count on it being committed to film). Oh what we do for our babies (happily, might I add)!

That’s not hot.

So girls. If you EVER HOPE to get pregnant and you do not already have a naval piercing… DON’T GET ONE! I got mine FOR Lowell (I wasn’t a particularly huge fan myself), so I blame him for whatever he gets stuck with afterwards. :)

A little more on my belly. I’ve been receiving extreme comments, but none that indicate that I’m NORMAL. For example, on the SAME DAY, I got comments from two ladies (who didn’t know me pre-pregnancy). One claimed, “You’re really big for only being 6 months along eh?” while the other commented, “Really, I can hardly even tell you’re pregnant. You’re barely showing at all!” WHAT TO BELIEVE??!!

That's all for week 24. Sorry if it was a little too corny for you (hehehe)...


Sneep Family said...

Hot Momma! Pregnancy bellies are awesome!!!! You have great genes and you may look the same after baby #1. It's baby #2&3 that you start looking a little off...Ha! Enjoy the six month mark you are now in the home stretch!

Carlynne said...

Ha ha. Five minutes for socks! Atleast you're an early riser. that would never fit into my morning routine.

Anonymous said...

Yay ... You are getting soooooo close! And you do look great! Pregnancy bellies are so fun (and so cute and round)! But I share in the loss -- I'm back in my pre-pregnancy clothes (a luxury I have heard is much more likely with baby #1 - like Jill said :)) but I am certain that my skin (even without stretch marks it is just stretched ...) and abs will never be the same :( ... How do those models do it?? ...
Enjoy these last few months!! It is soooooo fun and exciting!
- Nadine

Anonymous said...

... But, let me add ... Nothing is more worth it than your wonderful, new family member! Couldn't be any happier with the loss :)

Lowell & Julie said...

Jill- Wow, reading the word 'homestretch' suddenly made it even more real! Better start reading about what to do when the baby gets here!!
Clyn- Yes yes, my 5am wake-up times are coming in handy!
Nadine- I'm impressed at how quickly you got back into pre-preggo clothes! And it's true... stretched skin and a little extra flab is a small price to pay for a beautiful healthy baby:)