Sunday, May 15, 2011

week 22 - asparagus!

Hazelnut is ~11 inches long, and weighs almost a pound! Apparently he sleeps 12-14 hours a day in between all his kicking and fluttering. I've been feeling a lot of movement INSIDE, but I have yet to feel it from the outside. I've been a little discouraged about this as I really want Lowell to experience it with me, and my Mom encouraged me by emphatically insisting, "Oh, it's just that you were in SUCH GREAT SHAPE before you got pregnant, and your muscles are SO STRONG AND TIGHT that the baby isn't strong enough to kick ALL THE WAY through the muscle!" Load of crap? Potentially... but thanks mama. I'll go with it!

I've been having a few clumsy/blonde/pregnancy moments lately. The most recent one happened the other day while friends and I were headed to a woman's retreat for the weekend. We stopped at Tim Horton's for a treat, and I was REALLY looking forward to an egg salad sandwich. I envisioned it clearly, and could almost TASTE it. When I opened my sandwich with my mouth watering, I was extremely disappointed to see chunks of chicken rather than egg. I was complaining about my misfortune when my friends informed me that they HEARD me order 'chicken salad'. I had NO IDEA (and I may or may not have continued to gripe even though it was completely my fault). It's sooo convenient to blame these moments on pregnancy. (And when I continue to experience them post-pregnancy, I'll blame them on lack of sleep... and then later accuse age.)

Two weeks ago we shared a video slideshow version of the book we used to share our pregnancy news with my family. This week, you get to see their reactions to the news!

A few things to note:
1) We were trying to be subtle with the iPhone camera which explains the shoddy videography.
2) Each segment was recorded in a different province as we weren't all together at the same time.
3) The book wasn't ready yet when we visited Dan & Carlynne in Ottawa, so we brought a make-shift little mini-album for the occasion.
4) We told my parents the book was a thank-you gift (liars that we are).
5) My Mom had never seen a pregnancy test before.
6) Kylie was sitting down and nicely looking at the book with Marc & Shareen, but stood up to get fussy Ty a snack on THE PAGE BEFORE the giant positive pregnancy test picture. (Good timing Kylie!)
7) I'm pretty sure Shareen in particular was a little caught off guard with the news. :)
8) My laugh is fairly ridiculous, and Lowell informs me that it's an accurate representation of what my laugh ACTUALLY sounds like. Super.

Reaction to Baby News from Lowell & Julie on Vimeo.

On one final note, let me add that I have the most amazing husband ever. While I was busy having a blast at our church's woman's retreat, Lowell and my Mom went to the local big huge Moms & Tots sale (that only happens twice a year), so it felt like Christmas when I came home! I can't wait until Hazelnut can use these items that we have scored from sales, Lowell's amazing sisters, and my wonderful cousin Zell!


Carlynne said...

I cannot believe you didn't include the part of the video where you were singing "teenage dream" to yourself. Still nice to watch and remember the nice memories:) I definitely had the best reaction.

Lowell & Julie said...

You were certainly the most reactive- I've watched your reaction a million times! :) And good HEAVENS am I ever NOT going to include my ridiculous rendition of "teenage dream". Funny for US to listen to and laugh about, but it would be downright humiliating if exposed for public consumption!

Christi said...

I LOVED Carlynne's reaction. Super funny!

Karyn Clemens said...

I think I need to see Teenage Dream. :)
And this video was brilliant! Can it be September now?? I wanna see a baby, not an asparagus!


marcandorkylie said...

I agree! Carlynne is definitely the cutest and funnest! I apologize for taking up the ENTIRE screen while you were telling everyone. I would also like to see the Teenage Dream bit!!!!

shareen said...

Bonus note: that was dad's exact face (and I believe Kylie says my reaction was exactly the same as well) when Marc and Kylie announced they were pregnant. Also at my surprise 18th birthday party I jumped from the shock and then went to go get the book that Kim "said she needed" to get me into the house. I am not good at processing surprises apparently. But I AM happy, giddy even, my brain just takes time.

Shelley said...

love the reactions!! I can't believe hazelnut is an asparagus-sized nut now. Crazy! :)

Dan said...

Great reactions. That's a great video.

Rooibaard said...


Bloggy Mama said...

Oh. So. Fun!!
I love those moments. I wish I had them on camera (I was going to say "film" uhhhh... what is "film", right?)

Shareen said...

oh, and yes, that is TOTALLY what your laugh sounds like. :)

marcandorkylie said...

I just watched this again and I agree your laugh sounds like that. Does that mean that my voice always sounds so nasally and high pitched?? Ugh!