Sunday, May 08, 2011

Week 21: IT'S A...

BABY! (hehe)
Little Hazelnut is ~10.5 inches long and weighs ~3/4 of a pound!! (The reason for the sudden increase in length is that after 20 weeks, fetuses are apparently measured from head to toe rather than head to rump).

You think HAZELNUT has put on weight… look a ME! I’ve gained nearly 20lbs! The other day as I was slipping into unconsciousness (for a nap), I overheard Lowell saying to Kumeu, “What do you think buddy? Is Mommy fat?” Then he continued, “Raise your paw if you think she’s fat.” And, of course, Kumeu lifted his paw. Fickle pooch!

We had our ultrasound this past week, and we’re happy to report that everything is perfect, healthy and normal, and the sex shall remain a surprise. We thought that perhaps the information would be documented for our doctor (for future reference if so desired) but we were informed (rather adamantly) that that was not an option. I guess we’re committed to the surprise now!

Look at his little head! Big forehead, small nose… my baby looks like me already!

Is it normal for fetuses to appear to have 9 toes on each foot?

Spines are neat.

I was extremely relieved to hear that our little Hazelnut is in the 50th percentile. I’ve been terrified of giving birth to a ‘T’ toddler (the ‘T’ family generally births toddlers rather than infants), but it looks like Hazelnut is on track for something my little pelvic area can handle. PHEWF! Thank you, dear Hazelnut, for looking after Mommy!

Also, I now have a prescription for support hose (gotta get these veins under control). I’m getting fitted for them next week (intense!), and I’m meant to wear them throughout the rest of the pregnancy (i.e., through the SUMMER). Now if anyone can recommend any cute summery-ish-type boots to wear with my cute maternity skirts/dresses… please do let me know!

Now for a little update on our firstborn (of the canine variety). Kumeu’s dew claw ripped this week, and the poor guy had a little cast put on after a spontaneous trip to the vet. He gave us adorable helpless little puppy dog eyes the entire time the thing was on.

It was heartbreaking… but at the same time really quite entertaining…


JulieAnne said...

Happy Mother's Day Julie Renee! Little hazelnut is one lucky little baby to have such a wonderful mommy and daddy! Love you guys so much!! I loved seeing the ultrasound.

Fedya said...

haha, oh Julie, you crack me up, I love your blog. As for the support hose, my friend had a pair in stylish white, and white leggings happen to be just the rage in Holland right now. So if you can score a pair of those white support tights AND somehow spend your summer in Holland looking hip, you're all set. Not sure what to recommend if they don't come in white though...polka dot pattern maybe? Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, so excited to see pics of little hazelnut in a few more months!

Fedya said...

oh this is Eva by the way, not sure why it posted it under my husbands name?

MayMay said...

I have two words for you: Hunter them....but not as much as I love you:)

Anonymous said...

Check out, Jules. They have some boots with airholes! :)

Kirstin said...

9 toes is not normal but 6 is definitely cool!

marcandorkylie said...

We love the ultra sound pictures! And we watched the video of kumeu multiple times. Crazy dog!!!

Anonymous said...

Cowboy boots go with just about everything in the summer. And you live in Alberta. Why even ask? Little Baby is growing so much - it's been fun to see all the changes!


sandy cossarini said...

Hi guys,
You don't know me but my name is Jack and I am on the blog before yours (
Accidently got into your blog and had a quick read.
Hope all goes well with you and your new family.
Jack Cossarini and family

Lowell & Julie said...

Thanks for all the boot suggestions- there ARE a lot of cute options out there!
Eva- I should get myself to Holland!
Kirstin- In light of Alex's situation and our ultrasound, I feel that perhaps it will be the new norm for T boys to be born with extra toes!