Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Peachy at week 13!

At week 13, our little Hazelnut is ~2.9 inches long... or the length of a peach!

In case you were wondering (which you probably weren’t), Lowell is JUST as into this as me. He’s the one at the grocery store with the measuring tape making sure that we grab a fruit/veggie as CLOSE to the appropriate size as possible. And I’M the one with the camera taking a picture of him with the measuring tape in the grocery store… we’re a cool pair.

FAQS for week 13

Are you showing yet? Not so much, although there’s certainly some awkwardness going on around there that doesn’t escape MY attention.

How are you feeling? About the same (a little nausea/dizziness here and there, and generally tired)… but overall better (hurray for the second trimester!).

What is that on your face? Um, that would be acne (HELLO JUNIOR HIGH!) These pregnancy hormones are wreaking HAVOC on my poor face. Every day I think it can’t possibly get any worse, and every morning BOOM... a few more surprises await. On the bright side, if we find ourselves in a financial pinch, I’m SURE I would qualify for one of those Teen Mom reality shows given my youthful blemish-covered face. (For the record, I have never seen those shows in my life nor do I have plans to). Also, thank heavens for bangs and make-up.

Anything you’d like to shout from your hormonal soap box? Why yes, yes there is. Having the FOOD NETWORK on at the fitness centre at 6am should be illegal. I’m not accustomed to watching food (onions, corn, ham chunks and such) at 6am at the best of times… but with this pregnant belly? (*HURL*) I had to very quickly evacuate my usual cardio machine in search of non-food-network refuge (which was a desperate move that did NOT go unnoticed by fellow gym-goers).

Have you done anything ridiculous this week? Oh, you mean BESIDES (nearly) tossing Lowell’s pants in the toilet rather than the laundry chute? Well, we were hanging out with Julie Anne and Ryan, and Ryan (bless his soul) brought me his Grandma’s old Hello magazines. It’s totally a tabloid, but I love looking at the red carpet pictures and what not. ANYHOO, we were perusing the photos together (all four of us), when we came across a picture/recipe for Whoopie Pies (basically homemade oreos). The instant I saw the picture, I KNEW I HAD to have them, and Ryan did absolutely nothing to dissuade me (read: he totally encouraged it), so the four of us BEGAN making Whoopie Pies at NINE PM! (Let’s keep in mind that I’m usually fast asleep by 9pm). Make them, we did, eat them, we did, and enjoy every morsel we most certainly did.

Where are you getting the ideas for these fruits/veggies? Shareen initially brought the idea to my attention (thanks sis!), so we began perusing various sites that list fruits and vegetables corresponding to weekly fetal size. We’ve been gleaning ideas from the sites as well as improvising. One of the sites we’ve been looking at uses all fruits and veggies except for week 13… which is a medium shrimp (barf). IMPROV NEEDED!

Can you give me more info about the countdown? Yes I can. No, we do not have a C-section scheduled (ahem, Lando & Marti), it's just counting down to our due date. You can continue to view the countdown on the sidebar... and when the time draws nearer, I'm sure we'll be taking bets on how close to the due date Hazelnut will be born!


shareen said...

I like the peach SO much better than the shrimp! And who could leave out such a lovely of my favorites, by the way.

Ummm, and can you send me the whoopie pie recipe? :)

Anonymous said...

Love this! We called Finley our "precious peach" at that stage this summer. How exciting it is to watch them grow!

Carlynne said...

So cute! I like the shot of lowell measuring peaches:)

Shelley said...

It's so amazing how FAST that baby grows! I mean, just a few weeks ago it was a tiny little seed and now it's a PEACH! wow!

Anonymous said...

I love your Jumper! Where did you get it?


P.S. It would be hard to slide the shrimp past all the fruit expectations. I think week 13 would have felt left out!

Sneep Family said...

You guys are adorable!

Lowell & Julie said...

ALISHA! The jumper is a 2007 Edmonton purchase (and I have nooo clue about the store). I have a feeling that might have been it's last wear for a while. It took Lowell and me together several minutes and a lot of excursion to pull the zipper up all the way!

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