Saturday, March 26, 2011

Have you heard? Have your heard?!

Julie Anne and Ryan are engaged!!!

Ryan proposed atop a snowy mountain in Banff over Valentines weekend...

It's a little over a month later, and the entire day is pretty well planned already! That Julie Anne is on the ball. Lucky for them, there are soooo many eager/helpful women in the T fam, that I'm SURE we can make all the plans reality in under 4 minutes. (I'd put money on it).

A lot of you got to know Julie Anne when she traveled with us through New Zealand, then you got to know her more last year when she broke her neck and narrowly (& miraculously) avoided paralysis. Since then, she has recovered completely, fallen in love, gotten engaged, and is so totally happy, healthy, and beautiful. The girl simply GLOWS!

Lowell and Julie Anne have always been close, and over the years, Julie Anne has become a treasured friend of mine as well. More like a sister, really... and not just in the legal sense. Lowell has the honour and privilege of standing up for them, and we're so pleased to be welcoming Ryan into the family. What can I say, he supplies me with trashy tabloids, he can very knowledgeably discuss the upcoming royal wedding with me, and he supports my ridiculous pregnancy cravings. Plus, he has a house in Lethbridge, so we get to see them a lot! Ryan gets along famously with the entire family and we look forward to calling him our brother... officially.

Congratulations you two little love birds!! xox


Carlynne said...

Congratulations Julie Anne and Ryan!

JulieAnne said...

Lovely blog post Julie Renee! Thanks for your enthusiasm and joy in our engagement...I'm pretty excited too!