Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Lowell's Birthday!

Over the years I have been posting birthday messages for Lowell. In 2006, I wrote a birthday rap. In 2007, I re-posted the same rap (very original, I know). In 2008 we were apparently too busy gallivanting around New Zealand for me to even re-post the same old rap.

So, it's 2009 and Lowell is now 28! It's no secret that I love the guy to bits... but I will refrain from spouting my love for him as I don't want to make y'all gag. Instead, I'll tell you about a weekend with his family. After all, Lowell wouldn't be Lowell if it weren't for his lovely family.

Last weekend we got to hang out with the T clan (minus Landon & Marti) in Canmore.

We perused the shops down Canmore's main street, and couldn't resist a patriotic little shot with our poppies on "Veterans' Way"...

We celebrated Charlotte's third birthday with a swimming party and PRESENTS!

Us with Katelyn (or "Tatewyn" according to Charlotte)

Charlotte looks super cute in the water...

...and Lowell looks just plain freaky (and slightly dead)...

The girls were all interested in Charlotte's gifts...

I made Charlotte a little poncho which she modelled with her highly entertaining "princess smile". (I'm not sure what princess movies she's been watching, but I think they involve bored and somewhat sultry princesses)...

It's so fun conversing with our nieces. When I'm with them, it's CLEAR that the preschoolers I work with are indeed delayed (either that or our nieces are extremely precocious). These girls speak in like 13-word sentences... grammatically correct to boot!

But they're not just smart but so darn cute! Totally out of the blue, little Carmen (4) climbed onto my lap, gave me a big hug and said, "Auntie Julie, I'm hugging you because I love you." She continued, "Now I'm going to hug Uncle Lowell because I love when he plays with me." *HEART MELTING HEART MELTING*

Part of this "playing" includes Lowell's itouch. He downloaded some amusing kiddie games, and the kiddies sure were amused! (Guess what they're asking for this Christmas?! (sorry parents!))

Lowell's Dad is also super good with the kids. It's great fun watching the gals interact with their Grandpa...

Given that we were in Canmore, we couldn't NOT spend some time in the beautiful out of doors...


Here's the birthday girl!

Lowell showed the girls how it was done...

But I think Carmen had it handled on her own... hands-free no less!

Lowell's family (minus Lando) from left to right (i.e., oldest to youngest) : Papa T, Mama T, Janelle, Lori, Lowell, and Julie Anne.

The Julies are the only non-pregnant women in this picture! If you count children and fetuses, there are EIGHT PEOPLE in this picture!!!!!!!

And that concludes our fabulous weekend in Canmore with family. Next weekend we're heading to Ottawa to visit Carlynne and Dan and celebrate all our birthdays Ottawa-style! Wooo hoooo!



Shelley said... fun! Cute nieces!
And happy birthday lowell!

Julie Anne said...

Aww..what a lovely, beautiful family you have Julie Renne and Lowell. ;o)


Bloggy Mama said...

Happy Birthday, Lowell!! Great family fun. I love it.

Katie, Bakersfield, CA said...


May God bless you with many more years to come.

Have fun in Ottawa and make sure Julie behaves and you too! hahaha

Take care.