Sunday, November 01, 2009

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

I thought I had to be the most brilliant person in the world. Several weeks ago as we were raking our leaves and tossing them into the leaf collection bags (that everyone in the city uses), it donned on me that the bags were HUGE and I could EASILY make an outfit or two out of them. Lowell and I hadn’t planned on doing anything overly exciting for Halloween, but when this exceptional idea popped into my head, I knew our lives would never be the same.

I made Lowell swear the idea to secrecy because SURELY no one else on the planet had the same brainwave as me. CERTAINLY no one else even NOTICED the great size of the leaf collection bags.

As Halloween grew nearer, my anticipation swelled and I could hardly wait to show the world how intensely ORIGINAL Lowell and I were.

Then my bubble was burst by a local radio DJ who announced that his young daughter could fit into the leaf collection bags, so she would be dressing up as a paper bag princess. At that point I faced the obvious fact that others HAD indeed noticed the conveniently large size of the paper bags. My denial melted away. If HE thought of it (and ANNOUNCED it), then undoubtedly there would be several paper bag princesses in the city this year.

But were those princesses specifically environmentally friendly paper bag princesses?

And did those princesses have an environmentally friendly paper bag PRINCE on their arm?...

...An environmentally friendly paper bag prince whose outfit was complete with PANTS (which caused him to awkwardly toddle like a robot)??!!

And did those princesses receive a traditional 1-2-3-kiss from their parents?

I think not.

We WERE one-of-a-kind after all (at least compared to the 27 trick-or-treaters that we saw).


shareen said...

very cute. I was the paper bag princess too this year! Sadly I have no pictures. :( We hosted the Division Halloween party at our office and I took 2nd prize (by ONE vote!) for my costume. I dressed up again and took Hayden, Karis and Gavin out trick or treating last night...paper bags are not so insulating on chilly October nights!

marcandorkylie said...

Very cute! I like the dirty faces. We went as ourselves last night! Very original.

Carlynne said...

CUTE!! I really like the fact that Lowell has pants. And your crowns with leaves are a nice touch.

Bloggy Mama said...

Very cute. My sis went as the paper bag princess a few years ago, but those bags would have been soooo helpful in her costuming!!

Shelley said...

such a great idea! love the costumes!