Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sun, surf, and sleeping bags...

On Monday, we went for a little walky walk downtown and finished up some errands.

Who knew that shopping for camping gear could be SO MUCH FUN?!

But also evidently slightly exhausting...

After a little lunchy-loo, we headed to windy WINDY Muriwai for Marc & Kylie's debut boogy boarding experience!!

Before charging into the water, Marc tried out his new camera on the beach. It's very difficult to pose gracefully when the wind is blowing like 150km/hr (which it wasn't by the way, but it felt like it).

Okay okay, let's hit the water already!!

Marc's waiting for a wave...

He got it!

And here is Marc's very, um, artistic landing at the shore. (Points for style)...

Did I mention that we have 4 boogy boards(ish)? Two of them are the real deal, and the other two are some old cheapo kiddie ones that we found on Trade Me (NZ equivalent of ebay). We felt kind of sheepish (and cheap) that we won the bid at 5 bucks for BOTH boards, but one of them already broke and they really are quite crappy... so now we don't feel quite so bad.


You can hardly go to a beach and NOT do the Baywatch shots!!

Marc & Kylie LOVED boogy boarding, and I think we're going to have to keep an eye on our good boards for the next 2 months to make sure they don't swipe them!

It's become a tradition for Lowell and I to order Thai food with our guests. There's an AMAZING Thai place just down the road from us, and it's nothing short of a miracle. I think we could live on their coconut rice.

Anyhoo, we ordered Thai food with Marc & Kylie, then hit the hay before long (wind plus sun plus water plus fun equals exhaustion).

Tuesday was WORK for me, SCHOOL for Lowell, and more ERRANDS for Marc & Kylie. They dropped me off at work, then went about their day. As they were dropping me off, we noticed something that I had not taken note of before (as I don't pay for parking). At the hospital, parking costs $2 for 0-3 minutes, and it's FREE for 3-30 minutes. DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE WHATSOEVER?!?!!!

When we all completed our commitments for the day, we had Lance & Nat over for din din in our yard.

The neighbour's dog, Lucky, even joined us!

Early Wednesday morning, Marc & Kylie began their first journey with Gus.

They did the Tongariro Crossing. Remember this hike?

The one with the famous Mount (Mt. Doom)??

Tomorrow morning Lowell and I will meet them for the long weekend in Raglan for more BEACH TIME!!!

On Sunday evening, Lowell and I will duck out to watch Casting Crowns and David Crowder at the Parachute Music Festival, and I'm sure another ridiculously long post with an outrageous amount of pictures will follow before long...


Avery said...

That isn't MEC is it? I saw "Mountain Equipment" on the wall - it must be their equivalent! I vicariously enjoy your sunny warm south! It was very grey and cold today .. . . but tonight Zak and I will book a trip to Cuba in March!

Bloggy Mama said...

Wicked Awesome. Love the boardin' shots.

Lowell & Julie said...

Nope, it's not MEC, but it surely is a (mini) kiwi version of MEC! And of COURSE you can live vicariously through us, Ave. Although that Cuba trip sounds pretty darn spectacular too!!

YES!! CASTING CROWNS!!! There are heaps of other bands playing on Sunday night, but I'm definitely most excited for Casting Crowns. I'll report back (of course:)!!

Shelly said...

Hey Julie! (and Lowell, even tho you dont know me! ha)

Hadn't caught up on your blog in awhile and checked it out today and I have to say I LOVE COCONUT RICE! I had it for the first time in this Thai restaurant in Medicine Hat of all places, but haven't found it in Lethbridge. :(

Hope you are doing well!