Friday, August 01, 2008

Two by Two...

L to R: Papa & Mama G, brother Marc and his wife Kylie, sister Shareen and her husband Craig, Lowell and I, and Daniel and twin sis Carlynne (soon-to-be-newlyweds)

This evening held true significance for our family. It was the first time since Shareen and Craig’s wedding (over 2 years ago) that we’ve all been together. And Daniel was not yet in the picture, so really, we’ve never ALL been together…until tonight. And what a fun night it was.

We went out for a family supper, then joined Dan’s entire immediate family for tea time. Tomorrow final wedding prep will be going full tilt, and on Saturday my beautiful leetle seester (11 minutes younger) will walk down the aisle. EEEEEeeeeee this is such a crazy time!! Delightful…but crazy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, I am at work and am breaking tonnes of rules by looking at your blogsite while I am here! I can't access facebook, and I know Carlynne will be crazy busy tonight, so I was hoping you could pass along a message??
Tell her I am ridiculoulsy excited for her, and I hope her big day is is everything she dreamed for and more. I dreamt last night that I was there for her wedding, and we had to hike into the mountains for the reception....anyways... To quote a good friend at mine and Peter's wedding please tell her "I hope you both look back at this day as the day you loved each other the least".
Really wish I could be there.

Love, Brenda & Peter

Shelley said...

What a beautiful (and rather large) family!! So excited for Carlynne! Can't wait to see the pics!