Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mr. & Dr. Dan & Carlynne!

Here is a glimpse of the fabulous day that was August 2, 2008- the day that Dan and Carlynne got hitched! It was an amazing day, and here is a small sampling of the intense beauty. (These are only the shots that we have on our camera, so many more spectacular pictures are yet to come!)

The wedding party left to right: Yolanda (friend), Kylie (sis-in-law), Michelle (Dan's sis), Shareen (sis), me, Carlynne, Dan, Darrel (Dan's best friend), Scott (Dan's bro), Jonathan (Dan's bro), Steve (Dan's friend), Marc (my bro).

Our family with the most recent addition!

To kick off the dance at the reception, Carlynne and Dan prepared an impressive little number. Let's get it started in here!


jill said...

Oh! I am so glad you posted the dance! I thought it was great! I really wanted to show people instead of describing it.

Bloggy Mama said...

I'm so excited to see that with music.... gotta get J to hook up my speakers. Congratulations Dan and Carlynne!

Avery said...

sweet! I'm glad it was a super day. Yeah for Carlynne and Dan:)

shareen said...

Beautiful pictures, I can't wait to see the rest of the ones you guys got as well as Bri's. :) And thanks for posting the dance, I tried to describe it today but this is way better.

katie - bakersfield, CA said...

Hi Julie!

Congratulations on your sis wedding and that dance was amazing! They should be on that show that comes on TV (the one about the dance ... I forgot the name!!) Anyhoo, you might know the name.

Talk to you later