Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The more we’re together, the funnier Lowell gets.

Since we’ve been in NZ, Lowell makes the appropriate animal sounds whenever passing a pasture, and he’s SO GOOD at it.

It sets me into giggling mode which just spurs him on even more.

Here's a typical interaction in the car.

Lowell: “Baaaaaaa”

Me: *giggling* “Wow Lowell, that was pretty accurate.”

Lowell: "K, here's a goat... and now this is a cow."

Me: *amid gales of laughter* "Wow Lowell, you're GOOD AT THAT!"

Lowell: “Yeah? Now do you wanna hear a bull when a cow is in heat?”

Me: “Yes please.”

Here Lowell is cleaning giant chunks out of the cows' water (the owner asked us to put stones in it to weigh it down). Unfortunately, we neglected to bring our big farming rubber boots, so the preferred method involved keeping feet out of the muddy pastures (and pointing them directly to the sky).

Lowell’s humour also extends THROUGH the night (unintentionally). He has been known to give lectures about Freud in his sleep (analyze that!), but last night he gave a lecture while using a New Zealand accent! Priceless. I wish I would’ve had the video camera ready to roll.

Good thing I have an entertaining husband to help combat homesickness.


Bloggy Mama said...

Who better to be with, than him, eh?

Carlynne said...

What! I never knew Lowell was good at animal noises!!! A hidden talent. I wonder what else lurks inside my very talented brother-in-law.

Shelley said...

that's freakin' hilarious!!!!

Katie - Bakersfield, CA said...

Hey guys!

I LOVE your new look! Very classy! My childhood friends were from NZ and they were the nicest people and we had fun with them.

Lowell, that was hilarious!

Take care and God Bless!